Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Super Skills" certainly seems like an apt decription

I just came across this video, which shows some of the "Super Skills" that can be pulled off in the soon-to-be-released New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

To say it left me speechless (an accomplishment in itself) would be an understatment.

My next fashion statement: Fingerless gloves featuring fire flowers

Actually, I should probably change that headline to something like: What I wish was my next fashion statement. After all, the gloves seen in the image below aren't for sale--they were made for the brother of a gal over at Maybe I could convince her to make me a pair if I offered enough moolah?

BTW, the designer's official moniker for the fabulously firey mitts is "Fingerless Gloves of Blindness and Insanity." Which, of course, makes me want them even more.