Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Wii bit of goodness from Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn

Looks like Ninty has released the first official trailer for its upcoming version of Fire Emblem for the Wii. Unfortunately it doesn't include any actual gameplay, but it's quite epic and enjoyable nonetheless.

I don't know why, but the music playing throughout the trailer reminds me of one of the themes from Final Fantasy IV (which is never a bad thing).

Anyhoo, here's a link to the trailer:

And here's a link to the official Japanese website for the game:

(Photo nabbed from, as I'm sure you can tell.)

Miss Manners on the DS?

One of my favorite gaming sites, The Magic Box, just included a little update on a game I'd love to see translated for American release: My Happy Manners Book.

The game--which, as is implied in the title, teaches the ladies how to properly carry themselves in social situations--will be released (in Japan, natch) on April 5 by Square-Enix (it was developed by Taito, I believe).

I seriously doubt it will be brought over here, of course, as I'm probably the only one who would buy it. Not that I'd like to improve my manners any (excuse me while I belch), but I always like to support completely off-the-wall gaming ventures, and I really dig the graphical stylings the game's artists are trying to pull off.

Oh well, at least we got Cooking Mama.

If you're interested, here's a scan from a recent issue of the fab Japanese gaming mag, Famitsu, with a few more images of the game:

More Wii goodness on the way

OK, you can get this news elsewhere, but I can't help but write about some of the great games coming to Wii soon.

First off, Konami just (yesterday) announced a slew of games for Nintendo's great new system: Dewy's Adventure, Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party and a pair of games Hudson released in Japan at launch (Kororinpa and Wing Island).

Although Dewy's Adventure looks cute, I doubt I'll buy it. DDR, on the other hand, I may just pick up. Here's one of my dirty little secrets: I've never played a DDR game. I've just looked on longingly. So, it may be time to finally bite the bullet.

More on all of Konami's upcoming games can be found here: bogger Matt C. announced some great new games for the Wii yesterday, too. Apparently Nintendo is finally starting to let people know that it will be bringing two games originally announced for the GC to the Wii: Donkey Kong Bongo Blast and Kirby.

Now, even though the DK game sounds fun, I usually don't buy those types of games (I just know I won't play them much). Kirby, though, intrigues me. If it's a actual Kirby game spruced up for Wii, I may just have to pick it up.

Oh, Matt also dropped a mention of Wii Music and Wii Health coming out this year. I have heard rumors of a Wii Health before, but this is the first time I've heard more concrete news on it. Let's hope it is in fact in the works and will be out by the end of the year.

Here's Matt's blog, if you'd like to check it out:

Friday, February 02, 2007

Would Mario still sell millions if he were gay?

That's the headline of an article appearing on today. And guess what? I wrote it! I know, I know, I shouldn't be such a whore and promote myself and my work like that, but I think it's an interesting read so I'm going forward with the faux pas anyway.

The article includes commentary from a variety of sources--a gaming industry veteran, an LGBT marketing expert and two gamers--about 'gay' games attaining mainstream success in the future.

Here's a link to the article:

I've written about this subject--gay content in video games--quite a few times in the last year. Here's an article I wrote for the great gaming site in December ("Boy on Boy Action: Is Gay Content on the Rise?"):

And here's another article I wrote for in October ("They're Here, They're Queer ... They're Gamers?"):

Yet another of my gayming articles will be appearing in the Feb./March issue of GayWebMonkey magazine. The headline for this one is, "Are Video Games Ready to Come Out of the Closet?" Here's where you'll be able to download the issue when it's available:

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh, DS, how I've dreamed of you...

I know I'm a complete dolt for admitting this, but I have yet to buy a DS. I was one of the few who thought the idea was cool from the outset, but obstacles were thrown in my way that kept me from buying one when they were first released.

This past Thanksgiving I came to my senses. I'm not sure why--I think a few games were announced that really caught my eye--but that really isn't important, is it? Fact is, I wanted one, and Thanksgiving wasn't exactly the best time to be in that predicament.

I've been looking for one ever since: In the stores (Target, Best Buy, GameStop--even the ghastly Wal-Mart), on line--anywhere and everywhere that sells games (and even some that don't). No luck. I nearly got one on Wal-Mart's website a few weeks back, but when I went to check out I was informed I had missed my chance and they were once again sold out.

Well, today, just on a whim, I decided to check out again. And guess what? I got one! Sure, I had to buy a black one (I wanted a white one), and I had to buy a package deal, but who cares? It's on its way!

I already have two games waiting patiently to be played in my beautiful new portable system: Animal Crossing Wild World and Final Fantasy III. They will be joined by the pair I bought as part of the package deal: Super Princess Peach and Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. I could have bought Mario Kart DS instead of one of them, but even though I love MK, I find I don't play racers for very long (RPGs and platformers, on the other hand, are just my style).

So, in a week or so I'll join the rest of the modern world in having a DS. Yay for me.

Staring off with a bang - my top five list!

Always one to show up late for the party (fashionably late, of course), I've decided to jump on the "best of" bandwagon with this first post by sharing a list of the top five games I'm looking forward to this year.

Sure, all the other "corporate" gaming sites put their lists up long ago, but they didn't have my sense of style. Or something like that. And likely they weren't gay--or at least as gay as I am.

Anyway, here are the games I'm eagerly awaiting on a number of platforms (in no particular order):

1. Super Paper Mario (Wii)--I think I wet my pants when I first saw mention of this game during last year's E3 show. I loved Paper Mario on the N64 and I loved the sequel on the GameCube even more. Sure, this version is more of a return to Mario's platforming roots, but as long as it maintains the paper cut-out look and quirky sense of humor of its predecessors, I'll be picking it up the day it's released!

2. Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP)--I know, this one is a remake, and it has a longer name than what I've shared here (I'm too lazy to go look it up), but I don't care. FF Tactics was one of my favorite games throughout my college years--I wiled away many hours playing through this epic adventure, and if the extra characters and classes are included as promised, well, it may be worth finally picking up a PSP just to play through it again.

3. Kid Icarus (Wii Virtual Console)--I'm sure this one will make a few people go "huh?" Yep, I'm looking forward to playing this old NES classic on the Wii this year. Nintendo mentioned it would be available on the VC long ago, but has been mum on the subject ever since. The wait has me going a bit bonkers. Sure, I bought the import version when it came out for the GBA a few years ago, but the game is too damn hard to play on such a small screen. Bring it out soon, Nintendo!

4. Fable 2 (Xbox 360)--I hate to admit this, but I never played the original when it came out, so I'm not sure why I'm looking forward to its sequel. Maybe buying this version will prompt me to buy the original as well. All I know is that part one allowed players to effectively choose their sexuality, which is pretty damn cool in my opinion. The man behind the game, Peter Molyneux, has said part two will maintain that option, so call me stoked for its release.

5. Heroes of Mana (DS)--Here's another game that made me shiver with delight when I first saw mention of it. I loved Secret of Mana when it came out for the SNES all those years ago, and even though pretty much every other entry into the series has sucked (with the exception of the Japan-only sequel, of course), this iteration just looks too good to be true. Tactical RPG mixed with Mana characters and storyline? I'm there!

Oh, I could include 20 more games on this list, but I'll stop here so you can run off to whatever other gaming sites you tend to peruse. Don't worry, I'll blab about more games often enough!