Friday, January 04, 2013

Manual Stimulation: Chack'n Pop (Famicom)

Given its beautiful cover art, you might think Chack'n Pop's instructional manual would be similarly bold and colorful.

Had it been released a few years later than it was (1985), that likely would have been the case. As it is, though, the manual for this Taito-made Famicom game is a nearly monochromatic affair.

That's not to suggest it's not worth your time or attention. In fact, I'd say the complete opposite--thanks in large part to the handful of adorable illustrations that are packed into the manual's few pages. The first of which can be seen on the manual's front cover, unsurprisingly enough:

Sadly, the next few pages of Chack'n Pop's manual are the definition of "ho-hum."

Things perk up again on the manual's sixth and seventh pages, thankfully--with the adorable drawing that anchors page seven being my favorite of the whole she-bang.

That's the high point of this particular illustration manual, to tell you the truth, although a few more cute illustrations can be found on its remaining four pages.

A little note for those of you who enjoy these "Manual Stimulation" posts (more of which can be found here): this is the first of four such posts that will be published here this month. The next--another Famicom game; can you guess which one?--will appear a week from today.

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Mimi's Adventures in Miminton, Part 4

In the last installment of "Mimi's Adventures in Miminton," I promised that this installment would focus on a pot fiend moving into the 'hood, Mimi inappropriately touching Freya, Mumu and Leelee showing off their letter-writing prowess and "Operation Get Mathilda To Move Out of Town" beginning in earnest.

Before I get to all of those things, though, I have to shine a light this little bon mot from dear old Cookie, who, as seems to be the case for all Animal Crossing villagers Mimi and her pals take a shine to, has since moved to another town:

Shortly after Cookie ranted to Mimi about Redd, Freya accosted her about being a creep. OK, so the whole affair was a bit less dramatic than I originally made it out to be, but what did you expect--to see Freya whack Mimi over the head with a frying pan? Actually, that would've been pretty cool...

As for the aforementioned "pot fiend," may I present Miminton's newest resident: Claude the rabbit.

Mimi's first run-in with Claude made her think it was possible he had a fondness for hash, but her second run-in with him sealed the deal.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Things I'd buy if I had a lot more disposable income than I currently have #476: One Piece Romance Dawn (LaLaBit Market Luxury Edition)

Why? For the adorable "Tony Tony Chopper Multi Pouch" that can be seen in the photo below.

Granted, the game itself, a PSP RPG based on the One Piece series, looks pretty nice, too, but not as nice as nice as the aforementioned pouch.

Considering the whole she-bang is going for just under $140 at Play-Asia, though, I wouldn't count on me picking it up anytime soon.

Note: All of the above is coming from someone who knows next to nothing about One Piece and even less about Tony Tony Chopper.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

One import system I bought in 2012 but didn't tell you about until now

OK, so I did tell you a bit about it--in this post. But I didn't tell you much about it, did I?

What more do I have to say about it, you ask? Well, how about this: I wasn't planning on picking up a "misty pink" Japanese 3DS until sometime later this year. Until I came across an auction for the one you see in the photos below.

As for what prompted me to place a bid on said auction: I can't remember what the starting bid was, but it was quite a bit less than what Japanese 3DSes tend to sell for in the States.

What I do remember is what I ended up paying for it--a smidge less than $150. Even after shipping was factored in I paid less than I would have for a North American version of the same system.

I know, I don't know what prompted the folks at PlayAsia to offer up such a deal either, but I gladly took advantage of it.

Sadly, all I've done with it so far is downloaded a bunch of Japanese demos. I'm planning to buy a few Japan-only eShop games in the coming weeks, though, so once I do that I'll write about them here.

I'm also hoping to purchase my first Japanese 3DS retail game sooner rather that later. I haven't yet done so because I'm still unsure as to which one I want.

Taiko no Tatsujin: Chibi Dragon to Fushigina Orb is the frontrunner right now, although Osawari Tantei Nameko Daihanshoku (a puzzler based on the characters of the Touch Detective series) and even Zoo Keeper 3D are distinct possibilities, too.

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Monday, December 31, 2012

12 import games I bought in 2012 but didn't tell you about until now: Door Door (Famicom)

If ever you've wondered why I started "collecting" Famicom games a few years ago, here's my answer:

The Famicom game shown in the photo above is Enix's Door Door, by the way--an adorable little puzzler-platformer that was released only in Japan all the way back in 1985.

In my humble opinion, Door Door may have the best packaging of any Famicom release. Not only is the cover art top notch, but each of the box's side flaps feature illustrations of the game's alien "baddies."

Oh, and the back of Door Door's box is pretty delicious, too, as you can see in the photo below. I'm not sure what the little aliens are saying in their speech bubbles, but I'm guess it's something precious.

Ah, you didn't think I'd fail to show you Door Door's cartridge, did you? Yes, it's cute, too. Are you surprised?

I don't know about you, but I really like its 1970s vibe, what with those bands of yellow and orange. Also, the game's protagonist, Chun (who later inspired the name of designer Koichi Nakamura's company, Chunsoft), makes a rather welcome appearance.

Now that I've seemingly got your attention about all things Door Door, keep your eyes on this space (or, rather, this blog) for a "Great Gaymathon" review of it in the coming weeks.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

12 import games I bought in 2012 but didn't tell you about until now: Mr. Driller Drill Spirits (DS)

Remember this post from earlier this year? If not, no biggie. The reason I'm mentioning it now is that in that post I asked folks for their opinions as to which version of Mr. Driller Drill Spirits I should buy--the European, the Japanese or the North American one.

As you can see in the photos below, I ended up going with the European one. Not because I prefer its box art to the box art that was used for the Japanese or North American releases, mind you. Rather, I bought the Euro version because I came across a dirt-cheap copy on eBay and just couldn't pass it up.

Anyway, this iteration's box art is pretty nice, don't you think? I, of course, like the soft color scheme, although I have to admit I'm not at all sure why Susumu Hori (the protagonist) and Puchi (the pup) are framed by pink and purple puffs.

The photo above is of the back of Mr. Driller Drill Spirits' box, as I'm sure you can tell. I'm including it here just so I can cover all the bases. Plus, it features a rainbow.

Have you ever wondered what the cartridge that contains the European version of Mr. Driller Drill Spirits looks like? Well, wonder no more! I know, it could be a smidge more exciting, but it is a DS cart label we're talking about, after all.

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