Saturday, October 12, 2013

Reason #407 I could be considered an 'eccentric' (aka bat-sh*t crazy) gamer: I recently bought a gold Pokémon Center 3DS LL

While everyone else in the world (yes, every single person in the world who isn't me) digs into Pokémon X and Y this weekend, I'll be impatiently waiting for my copy of this portable, catch-them-all-centric RPG to show up on my doorstep.

That's not because I decided to order my copy from a retailer with snail-slow shipping, by the way; instead, it's because, as is stated in the header above, I recently bought one of the gold Pokémon Center 3DS LLs that were just released in Japan and that come packed with a digital version of either Pokémon X or Y.

(Actually, I pre-ordered this system the same day I published this post, but I didn't mention it here until now because I was pretty sure I would cancel said pre-order long before it actually shipped.)

Is this one of the crazier things I've done in my gaming life? I think it may be. I guess that speaks to the power of this system's stunning, Disney-esque (in my opinion) design.

Speaking of designs, I can't say I'm thrilled with the boxes (see above and below) that contain these systems and their related accoutrements. I expected the packaging to be shimmery and gold, like the systems themselves. Oh, well, I guess the red and blue backdrops help draw attention to the golden systems hidden within.

Although I have no idea when my gold 3DS LL will arrive, you can rest assured that as soon as it does I'll snap tons of photos of the packaging and the system and everything else and then share them here.

In the meantime, let me know in the comments section below what you think of Pokémon X and/or Y, should you be able to pull yourselves away from its preciousness.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Paper Pokémon

Screw Paper Mario. Thanks to that series' last two entries, I've lost a lot of interest in the IP. (That said, if Nintendo can return it to its former brilliance--say, with a Wii U-based sequel that picks up where The Thousand Year Door left off--I probably could be swayed to give it another chance.)

I've far from lost interest in the idea of Nintendo games that feature a paper-y aesthetic, though. I'd love to see a The Legend of Zelda spin-off that stars characters and locales that look as though they're pieces of origami, for instance.

Would I like to play a Pokémon game that uses some sort of Paper Mario-esque art style? Until fairly recently, I would've responded to that question with a resounding, "Hell no!" Now that I've seen this deviantart gallery, though, I'm not so sure.

After all, artist Paprik-a's creations are as awesome as they are unique--or at least that's my opinion of them. Case in point: his take on Pokémon X/Y's Chesnaught.

His Delphox is pretty sweet, too:

As is his Greninja:

To see more of Paprik-a's inventive Pokémon portraits, check out or

Speaking of Pokémon X and Y, by the way: which starter are those of you who are picking up one or both of these titles this weekend (or at some point in the future) planning to select?

Ever since I decided to buy a copy of Pokémon X, I've been leaning toward Fennekin as my starter (and Bulbasaur as my Red/Green/Blue starter).

A few days ago, though, I changed my mind and decided Froakie and Bulbasaur may be better picks--what with a special version of Torchic being made available to early-ish adopters.

Will any of you be taking a similar route, or will you be going with a different duo of starters?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

For a good time, call ...

Remember this post, in which I shined a light on the peculiar pieces produced by artist Kasey Tararuj for the recent 3NES Show (held at the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, New York)?

Well, today's post is devoted to a few more pieces that were produced for that show, although these pieces--which also focus on Peach, Samus and Zelda and are titled, "For a Good Time, Call Peach," etc.--aren't quite as "safe for work" as the ones Tararuj concocted.

As such, I'm only going to show an extremely cropped version of one of them "above the fold," as it were. To see them in all of their appealingly smutty glory, click on "read more" below.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Who doesn't like muscle bears with shiny butts?

Wait, you didn't come here thinking this would be a Video Games Made Me Gay-esque post showcasing the hot, muscular bods of actual human males, did you? Or maybe you expected to encounter a post that's centered on the lascivious lads that populate Dudedle Studio's Sugar Shooter series?

If you did, please accept my apologies.

There is a muscular bear with a shiny butt at the heart of this particular post, though--although he's an actual bear (well, a cartoon one) rather than the figurative sort that make up a good portion of the gay community.

So, how many of you are now thinking to yourselves, I'll never look at Stitches (from the Animal Crossing series) the same way again? I'm guessing a good number of you.

The strip above was produced by the super-talented "Nightmare Bruce" who runs the Ribbon Black blog, by the way. Check out more of his adorable, New Leaf-inspired "This Week in Town" comics here.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I just discovered Chunsoft's Homeland, and now I'm sad that it never left Japan

Actually, the header above isn't completely accurate, as I know I heard about Homeland in some form or fashion around the time of its 2005 release.

I'm pretty sure my interest in this import-only GameCube title quickly vanished after I heard it was an MMO, though, so let's just pretend that I wasn't introduced to it before this past weekend, when I heard British game developer Hayden Scott-Baron mention it while listening to a recent episode of the Chic Pixel Plus! podcast.

Unsurprisingly, Scott-Baron's chatter caused me to look up a gameplay video of the title (see above or here) and, man, does it look good. I'm especially fond of its art style, which recalls other quirky titles of the same era like Chulip and GiFTPiA.

So, I'm now on the lookout for a cheap-ish copy of this Chunsoft-crafted (another point in its favor, by the way) curiosity. Sure, I won't be able to understand much, if any, of it for some time to come, and I won't be able to check out its online multi-player mode (thankfully, it has an offline single-player mode, too), but it's hard to care too deeply about that when everything looks as charming as it does here.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Like someone just said on YouTube, this is some shovelware I can get behind

I can't be the only person who's kind of forgotten about this 3DS, Wii U and PC title since it found success via Kickstarter earlier this year, can I?

Regardless, it's back on my radar now--thanks to the following trailer, which found its way onto YouTube late last week.

My only issue with Shovel Knight and its makers, Yacht Club Games, is that it's not going to see the light of day until sometime in February.

Once it does, though, you can rest assured I'll be picking it up in form or fashion. At the moment I'm planning to buy the 3DS release, although it's possible I'll get the Wii U version instead (assuming I have a Wii U by then, of course).

Are any of you also champing at the bit to get your hands on this game?