Friday, May 06, 2016

You bought Pocket Card Jockey from the 3DS eShop yesterday, right?

Those of who without a 3DS probably are thinking, what, you want all of us to buy it, too?

Actually, I do. Granted, I'd suggest picking up a 3DS system beforehand--you know, so you can actually play it--but once you've taken care of that little detail, yes, I think you should purchase this wonderfully charming and surprisingly deep game.

For the rest of you, if you haven't yet nabbed the Game Freak-made Pocket Card Jockey from the 3DS eShop--publisher Nintendo put it up for sale, carrying a $6.99 price tag, yesterday--what's holding you back?

If it's that you aren't sure you'll enjoy it, well, I can understand that--to a point. After all, it isn't every day that you're presented with a game that dares to combine (golf) solitaire with a horse-racing sim.

That said, a Pocket Card Jockey demo has been available for more than a week now. (I wrote about it here, in case anyone is interested.) It's free and offers 15 plays, which is more than enough to figure out of its strangely addictive gameplay is your cup of tea or not.

And if that's not enough for you? Read this old post of mine. Don't fret that it says it's about a game called Solitiba; that's just Pocket Card Jockey's original Japanese title.

Anyway, in that write-up I blather on a bit about the five things I like best about digital time-waster. (I mean that in the best possible way, naturally.) I barf up some similar statements at the end of this post, by the way--in case you're looking for more encouragement.

If you're not, because Pocket Card Jockey's already taking up space on your 3DS' memory card, please share your impressions of it in the comments section below.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

As much as I love this new World's Longest 5 Minutes (Vita) trailer, I love the contents of the game's limited edition even more

Full disclosure: I've already pre-ordered a copy of this Japanese Vita game via the usual source.

The problem is, the version I pre-ordered a few weeks back was the regular edition. Here's hoping the folks at amiami allow me to switch it to the stunning limited edition.

Why? For a few extra bucks, it tosses in a two-disc soundtrack, a "daily flip tabletop calendar" and what I believe is some sort of art or guide book. (Please correct me if I'm wrong about that last item.)

Are you a World's Longest 5 Minutes virgin? No worries. It's an adventure game (aka a "visual novel") set within the confines of a pixel-filled, retro-tinged RPG. Or at least that's what I think it is based on all I've seen of and read about it so far.

Thankfully, this just-released trailer suggests my assumption's pretty spot-on. (I kind of wish that weren't the case, by the way, as I'd much prefer World's Longest 5 Minutes to be a straight-up, old-school RPG.)

Regardless, this Vita title is being made by smartphone app developer Syupro-DX, while Nippon Ichi Software is publishing it. Its street date is July 28, and the price tag of the regular edition is 3,980 yen. (I'm not sure what the limited edition will cost at retail, but amiami's selling it for 5,280 yen--or about $50.)


Wednesday, May 04, 2016

How many of you also are considering picking up one of these PocketCHIP handhelds?

Like a lot of folks, I didn't know a thing about the PocketCHIP handheld system until today.

Now that I'm aware of it, though, I can't help but want one--and rather desperately, at that.

If you're still out of the loop as to what the PocketCHIP is, well, there isn't much I can say to bring you up to speed. That's not because I'm a big jerk, mind you; rather it's because I don't quite understand it myself.

This trailer should at least give you an idea as to what you'll get if you ever buy one of these suckers.

Speaking of which, this adorable, minuscule handheld--which plays games made for the PICO-8 "fantasy console," that much I know--will set you back just $49.

Or at least that's all it'll set you back if you pre-order one soon.

I'm seriously considering doing that, of course--in part because the PocketCHIP just seems like a cool gadget, and in part because I like the look of some of the PICO-8 games that can be found on

How about all of you wonderful people? Are any of you contemplating picking up one of these portables on or around its June launch?