Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nice Package! (Daichi-kun Crisis: Do Natural, PC Engine)

I have a bit of a roller-coaster relationship with this HuCard, a bizarre PC Engine strategy game that was made and published by a company called Salio in late 1989.

After seeing its cover imagery for the first time a number of years ago, I quickly added it to my "buy this game as soon as possible" list.

Why? I guess I'm just a sucker for game box art that features anthropomorphic cows and exploding volcanos. Also, the "Do Natural" portion of this game's title intrigued me.

Daichi-kun Crisis' spot on my aforementioned wish list came into question after I encountered a few screenshots, however. Video footage of the game in action made me feel even less certain I'd enjoy playing it.

As for what caused me to change my mind once again--to the point that I picked up the copy showcased in this post--that would be this extensive YouTube tutorial of the game.

If you don't have the interest or time to watch it, the gist is that it shows Daichi-kun Crisis: Do Natural to be an oddly compelling mix of arcade-y action, life simulation and tower defense.

Oh, and you control a cow--the eponymous Daichi-kun--during all of the above.

Those other cows shown on the front and back covers of the game's manual? They're Daichi-kun's family members and they help clean up volcanic ash (one of your tasks while playing this HuCard) as well as defeat the monsters that rise out of it.

Two other creatures aid in Daichi-kun's battle to secure "Moo Cow Island," too--a crow named Alice and a bear named Goro.

I don't know all of this because I've played the game, mind you. Some of the details were gleaned from the YouTube video I linked to earlier, while I learned others thanks to this intriguing Daichi-kun Crisis FAQ.

I hope to experience the game for myself soon enough. In the meantime, though, I thought some of you might enjoy checking out its colorful packaging.

You also might enjoy checking out the Daichi-kun Crisis: Do Natural instruction manual, the entirety of which can be seen in this "Manual Stimulation" post.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Switch owners: if you're itching to play an interesting RPG on your systems, consider supporting Poisoft's Kickstarter for Order Land!

OK, so I'm a bit obsessed with the Nintendo Switch right now. The same happens to everybody after they get a new system, right?

Regardless, my Switch obsession currently has me looking left and right for both existing and upcoming games to play on the console.

Two examples of in-the-works titles I'm planning to buy for my Switch: The Longest Five Minutes and Penny-Punching Princess.

I'm also hoping to play the game discussed here--Order Land!--sometime next year. That'll only be possible if this just-launched Kickstarter ends in success, however.

Basically, developer and publisher Poisoft wants to release an English version of Order Land! for Steam, Switch and Xbox One in early 2018, but knows that doing so wouldn't be an easy endeavor. So, it launched a Kickstarter to help cover the costs of the localization.

The Order Land! campaign seems pretty modest as far as Kickstarters are concerned. Poisoft's goal is to raise just under $45,000 for the project, and a pledge of about $9 or more nets supporters a digital download code for the English version of the game. (Larger pledges offer rewards like posters, mugs, t-shirts and even 3DS and New 3DS systems.)

If you need to hear a little more about Order Land! before handing over hard-earned cash to aid its localization, the gist is it's a simulation RPG that offers players three intriguing modes.

One puts you on a throne and has you rule the game's world as its king. Another allows you to create and train heroes who protect the land.

The third option seems to be as close to a traditional role-playing experience as you're going to get in Order Land!, as it plops you into the boots and armor of a hero and sets you loose to explore your surroundings.

A few of the stretch goals associated with the Order Land! campaign would add even more modes to the game, which began life as a Japan-only 3DS eShop release.

One would let you play as a devil, while another would shine a light on the "back side of this world"--whatever that's supposed to mean. Sadly, I don't understand what a third, called "Ikusa no Kuni," would offer.

Should all of the above sound interesting enough to you that you want to take part, keep in mind the Order Land! Kickstarter ends on Nov. 11.