Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There was a BurgerTime spin-off?

I made the decision to buy Majesco's Data East Arcade Classics for Wii as soon as I saw that it would include one of my favorite arcade titles, BurgerTime. Although I completely suck at it, I think it's up there with Bubble Bobble, Donkey Kong and Ms. Pac-Man when it comes to arcade games from the '80s.

Despite my love for the game, I didn't know until a few days ago that a BurgerTime spin-off called Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory was released in 1984. Here's a video of the title, courtesy of the folks over at GoNintendo.com:

Surprisingly (to me, at least), Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory will appear on Data East Arcade Classics alongside its predecessor whenever it's released (Majesco has yet to annouce a release date, as far as I can tell).

Sorry for the silence...

I'm sure some of you thought I abandoned this blog after my cruise. Not so! I've just been busy--and sick. I've also been playing a lot of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

I know there are a lot of New Super Mario Bros. Wii haters out there, but I am not one of them. In fact, I'm the opposite--I *love* this game! It's a mix of the best parts of Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros., and, really, you can't ask for much more than that, can you?

I've only played the single-player mode so far--the hubs isn't much of a gamer--but it's so fun (honestly, a big grin is plastered on my face the entire time I'm playing) that I've barely even thought of the multi-player mode.

Have any of you picked up the game yet? If so, what do you think about it?

I'm dreaming of a Mario Christmas

I really need to stay away from eBay. Far away. Why, you ask? Well, take a look at this lovely little item I came across this morning:

According to its owner, this ornament was given to select employees at Nintendo, probably during the 1988 holiday season. Only 175 were made--a fitting number, considering the owner is looking to rake in 175 smackaroos as a result of this particular auction.

That's a bit too rich for my tastes, so I'm going to have to pass--especially since I'm not even sure we're going to have a Christmas tree this year!

3D Dot Game Heroes: Coming to America in May 2010

In case you haven't heard, Atlus has announced that it will be bringing the wonderfully retro 3D Dot Game Heroes to the good 'ol USA on May 11, 2010. Even better: The game will cost just $39.99.

That's good news and bad news, as far as I'm concerned. It's good because I've been hoping someone would localize the game (and pronto), but it's bad because I don't yet have a P33 and I'm not sure when I'll be able to get one. Maybe I've been a really good boy this year and Santa will give me one (or at least give me enough dough to buy one)? I'm not betting on it, but you never know...

Anyway, those of you who *do* have a PS3 should rejoice at this news, as 3D Dot Game Heroes looks and sounds like a 2010 remake of The Legend of Zelda. Don't believe me? Check out Atlus' official teaser page for the title and find out for yourself.