Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mother hasn't forgotten about you

Nintendo's "ho hum" attitude towards the future of its Mother/Earthbound series in the States confounds me to no end. OK, so Earthbound on the SNES didn't break sales records--that's the case for quite a few of the Japanese giant's titles, yet they've brought out sequels for many of them.

First we didn't get a the Mother 1+2 compilation for the GBA, and now we're not getting Mother 3 either (as far as anyone can tell). Thankfully it seems we don't need to rely on Ninty for either title, as the emulation community has stepped up to the plate to release English-language patches for both games.

Unfortunately, neither is all that close to being done. In the meantime, though, the great crew at have posted a video of what has been completed of the Mother 3 project. Check it out here

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