Monday, April 23, 2007

NeoGAF readers share import impressions of FFXII: Revenant Wings

Most English-speaking Final Fantasy fans are waiting patiently (or, more likely, not so patiently) for Square to localize its DS entry into the world of Final Fantasy XII (you know, the one that ends with "Revenant Wings").

Thankfully, a few gamers who are either bilingual or are just too antsy to wait for the localization to be completed have picked up copies of the just-released (in Japan) game and have shared their initial impressions on the title over at the NeoGAF forums.

What's the lowdown? Well, it seems the game is quite impressive visually (duh), less serious than other games in the series and much easier as well. One out of three ain't bad, is it? Oh, who am I kidding--I'm buying it anyway...

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