Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SNK prez spills the beans on Neo Geo's VC offerings (sort of...)

In the not too distant past, Nintendo let it slip that games from SNK's Neo Geo system will soon join the rest of the retro-tastic line up on the Wii Virtual Console. No date was given, nor were any details on specific titles or prices.

To be honest, nothing much has changed since that initial announcement. However, the higher ups at SNK Playmore USA are beginning to talk to the gaming press about their plans for the Wii VC (as well as Xbox Live Arcade and whatever Sony is calling its PS3 download-and-play system), which suggests to me that the system's games are coming sooner rather than later.

Head on over to to hear what SNK president Ben Herman has to say about the situation. Be warned: The juiciest details you'll get out of the interview are that the company hopes to release two or three titles a month and that they'll be priced "just a little above" the VC's SNES offerings. If that means gamers will be left with the choice of spending $10 on a N64 game or $10 on a Neo Geo game, I think SNK may have a problem on its hands.

The only titles I can see myself buying from SNK are Twinkle Star Sprites and the relatively unknown action-puzzler, Zupapa. And maybe Samurai Showdown RPG, if they translate it (and I doubt they will).

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