Friday, February 27, 2009

Final Fantasy IV follow-up on its way to WiiWare

I know I said this site would contain more articles and commentary and less "news items" than it did in the past, but I can't help myself with this one: According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board's website, Square-Enix is bringing the previously cellphone-only game, Final Fantasy IV: The After, to WiiWare.

Here's a summary of the game that appears on the ESRB site:

"This is a 2D role-playing game in which players embark on an adventure involving magical crystals and a mysterious kingdom. Players traverse across a field map or through dungeons and can enter into turn-based battles along the way. Players use a menu screen to select attacks or magic spells against tiny enemies (e.g., leopards, birds, knights, fish monsters, etc.) that blink and disappear when defeated. An item called "Bacchus Wine" is occasionally used to defeat enemies in battle."

(A more detailed description of the game can be found on its Wikipedia page.)

The ESRB listing doesn't reveal when the game will be released. It also doesn't reveal whether the game will be sold as a single download (as is the case for most WiiWare games) or if it will be sold as several separate "episodes" like the original release, though one seemingly in-the-know poster over at suggests it will be the latter.

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