Thursday, March 05, 2009

Kirby + Katamari Damacy = kick-ass Wii game

I'll expound upon this comment in a latter post, but I believe Keita Takahashi's Katamari Damacy to be one of the most artistic, enjoyable and interesting games of the past decade.

As such, it shouldn't be a surprise to read that I'm intrigued by the following video:

Takahashi has had nothing to do with The Munchables (due out in May), but it sure seems like someone at Namco Bandai is invoking his spirit (as well as the spirit of Pac-Man creator Tōru Iwatani).

For more on this curious creation, check out the game's official website.


Lumina said...

Om my gosh, totally want this for my wii [calling my BF to get his behind to ebgames and place an order, heee]... Gotta go see the site, thanks. :) Can't wait for katamari wii... nya! :) came upon ur blog through google.. heee... thx... :)

Kiara said...

Geez, making me remember my yesteryears... I ued to play like this stuff and now wanting to pass and make the kids know this kind of Download Games. Thanks.