Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Another gayming blog for your reading pleasure

It's no secret that I'm primarily a handheld/console gamer (see "The game that got me to buy a ..."). I've been intrigued by PC gaming (especially MMOs) for quite some time, but I've just never gotten into it.

In fact, my most recent foray into the world of PC gaming happened back when Second Life was still the hottest thing around. I had a blast creating a cute, muscle-y avatar that only somewhat resembled my real-life self (isn't that how it always is?), but I didn't have a blast when I entered the game's expansive world. Some jerk kept pestering me (which was very lifelike, I have to admit) and, well, I signed off about five minutes after I started. I haven't been back since.

PC gaming is pretty much all that's talked about on the Gamer Girl News site, though, so all of you MMO lovers might want to pop over there from time to time. I won't mind, really--especially if you bring some of her readers back here. :)

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