Friday, September 18, 2009

Square-Enix releases NieR Replicant trailer

In advance of the Tokyo Game Show, the powers that be at Square-Enix have decided to release a trailer for NieR Replicant, the PS3 title that is sure to become known (to teenage gamers in the States, especially) as "that game with the hermaphrodite."

Said hermaphrodite (her name is Kaine, thank you very much) is the white-haired lass that can be seen quite a few times in the following trailer, in case you're interested.

The game looks quite interesting to these eyes, though I have to admit that the smiley-faced creature that appears around the minute mark freaks me out to no extent.

Anyway, here's to hoping there's some substance to the final product--and to the futunari-esque Kaine.

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