Thursday, December 10, 2009

Can someone tell me why I sold my copy of Christmas Nights?

Extra points are awarded if you can tell me why I sold my Saturn system, too.

I'm guessing I sold both (and a bevy of other games like Astal, Clockwork Knight, Panzer Dragoon, Saturn Bomberman and Shining Force 3) so I could buy some other, more current and more expensive system but, honestly, I can't remember the reason right now.

Anyway, I brought it up because I've been thinking of Christmas Nights. If you've never heard of this game, here's the dilio, courtesy of the title's Wikipedia page:

"Christmas Nights is a Christmas-themed two-level game of Nights into Dreams that was released in December 1996. In Japan, it was part of a Christmas Saturn bundle. Elsewhere it was given away with the purchase of select Saturn games such as Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition, and was bundled in with issues of Sega Saturn Magazine, Game Players and Next Generation Magazine. The game was also available for rent at Blockbuster Video locations in America."

I got my copy by buying an issue of Next Generation Magazine, and I remember playing it quite a bit that particular holiday season. I played it quite a bit the following years, too, but my interest must have dropped off at some point, since I sold it (and my Saturn system) on ebay a few years ago. Sigh.

Oh, well, at least I can turn to YouTube when I'm in this kind of mood.

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