Friday, January 29, 2010

Not sure if want, part trois: Disgaea Infinite

I've long been a fan of Nippon Ichi's Disgaea series--thanks in no small part to the games' humorous dialogue and hugely over-the-top special attacks and effects. 

I'm guessing the former will be present in the recently announced Disgaea Infinite, but I'm not so sure about the latter. After all, this PSP game, which will hit store shelves in the States this May, isn't a strategy RPG but a "visual novel."

What does that mean? Well, according the folks at NIS America, in Disgaea Infinite it means that "players will use 'time traveling' and 'possession' to solve mysteries."

The game begins with the player traveling back in time. "You then possess other characters to gather info/clues," explains an NIS America press release. "By possessing the characters, you can read their minds and see through their eyes. Some characters might be thinking something completely different as they talk to others. By possessing different characters, you will gradually find out who the true culprit is."

I'm still not sure if that sounds marvelous or meh--and this teaser trailer, used to promote the Japanese version of the game that was released late last year, doesn't help matters.

What do all of you think--does this sound brilliant or boring? 


Viewtiful_Justin said...

I'm not really familiar with the series, but this description certainly wouldn't get me hooked.

It sounds tired and worn.

Bryan Ochalla said...

I'm sure it excites some gamers, but I'm pretty sure I'm not one of them. Plus, there are too many other PSP games I'd want more (if I actually owned a PSP).