Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I hope someone other than Sega brings this game to the States

"This game" being Chunsoft's Furai no Siren 4--aka Shiren the Wanderer 4--which will hit store shelves in Japan in just a few weeks.

Should someone pick it up for release in the U.S., I hope they also pick up the rights to these adorable ads (if such a thing is possible), which have been promoting the title in Japan:

(Side note to Chunsoft's CEO: Make a Shiren sequel with character models that look like the figures featured in this trailer and I'll not only buy copies of said game for everyone I know, but I'll bear at least one of your children--even though that isn't scientifically possible at the moment.)

Sega brought the DS remake of the original Furai no Siren to the States as Mystery Dungoen: Shiren the Wanderer in early 2008, but it bombed spectacularly. I have to imagine this rather hideous box art had something to do with it:

As you've surely read on this site, Atlus is bringing Furai no Siren 3 to the States--as Shiren the Wanderer--in just a few days (Feb. 9, to be exact). (Order a copy here.)

The box art for this iteration of the series is about 100 times better than what was produced for its predecessor, so hopefully its sales will see a similar boost--and hopefully those stellar sales will spur someone to announce the localization of Furai no Siren 4 soon.

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