Thursday, April 22, 2010

The waiting game

I'm generally a pretty patient guy. When am I not patient? When it's Friday and the weekend is more than a few minutes away, when an upcoming vacation is less than a month (or two) away--and when a game (or game system) is working its way through the postal system to my welcome mat.

When it comes to that last situation, I'm usually able to keep my antsiness in check--but not this week. That's because I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of a game I've been pining for since, well, I became aware of it a few years ago.

The game: Guru Logi Champ (aka Guru Logic Champ), a Compile-crafted title that Japanmanship's JC Barnett has called "by far The Best Puzzle Game Ever Created." (Capitalization courtesy of Barnett.)

Sadly, I haven't actually played Guru Logi Champ--I've just read reviews extolling its awesomeness--so I can't tell you much about it. The person who penned the game's Wikipedia entry swears it's a crazy combination of Picross, Puyo Puyo (kind of) and Magical Drop, though, and that's enough for me.

Anyway, I'll let you know if that description is at all accurate once the darn game is safely secured in my trusty GameBoy Advance.

Watch: A wacky (of course) Japanese Guru Logi Champ advert


Anonymous said...

Damn postal service - never fast enough for us gamers!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Isn't that the truth?!? I've been working on the dining room week -- partially because it allows me to see the mail man arrive. I'm such a dork :)

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Ha! Oh, man. You DO have it bad. it going to be all in Japanese, then? I guess with a puzzle game it won't be TOO hard to figure out...hopefully.

I eagerly anticipate your report on said game!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Yeah, I do have it bad, Justin -- mainly because this is a pretty rare game and I've been looking for it for some time. That's the only reason I bought it, really -- this is the first time in 2-3 years that I've seen it for sale anywhere (including eBay).

Anyway, yes, it's in Japanese, but apparently it's quite playable without any knowledge of the language.

I'll let you know if that's actually the case after I (finally) give it a go :)