Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Please excuse me as I drool all over my keyboard

If I had a cellphone (I know...), I'd buy one of these Classic Mac felt cases, created by Etsy seller RabbitRampage, in a heartbeat.

Instead, I'll just stare at it--and this similarly slick GameBoy felt case--longingly.

See also: 'You know, I think I need a new mouse pad ...' and 'That's nice. Now where's my Game Gear soap?'


Viewtiful_Justin said...

How frickin' adorable!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Isn't it, though? Of course, I have a major soft spot for the Classic Mac -- despite the fact that I never owned one.

Anyway, I should thank the crew over at tinycartridge.com for turning me on to this etsy seller via this post -- http://tinycartridge.com/post/836843397/famicom-gadget-case-and-controller-by