Monday, August 30, 2010

Hey, Nintendo: Where are my Art Style compilations?

At the end of October (on the 25th, to be exact), Nintendo of America will offer up to the DS-owning masses a $19.99 piece of software called Art Academy.

If you don't own a DSi--or if you do but you haven't paid much attention to Nintendo's DSiWare service--you may not know that Art Academy began life as a pair of downloadable titles.

As a DSi-less gamer who would love to experience the above-mentioned, buzz-worthy titles, I'm pleased as punch that the brass at Nintendo have decided to go this route. Given that, I have to wonder why they haven't yet combined all of their DSiWare and WiiWare Art Style games into similar available-at-retail compilations, especially considering seven of the former (Art Style: PiCTOBiTS, right, among them) and five of the latter currently exist.

Admittedly, the Art Academy games may be more attractive to the casual set that Nintendo has shown such an affinity for this generation and, as such, they may be more marketable as well, but I think the Art Style games could go far, too, if given the proper backing.

Pre-order: Art Academy

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