Friday, January 28, 2011

3DS or NGP?

So, the brass at Sony Computer Entertainment recently revealed the successor to the PSP, which they're currently calling Next Generation Portable (or NGP).

According to, this sexy system will sport a five-inch screen, front and rear touch panels, front and rear cameras and dual analog sticks. (Go here and here to see more of the NGP's specs.)

Unfortunately, the folks at Sony are mum on the subject of the oval-shaped system's price and release date--although they have let it slip that it will hit store shelves around the world "by the end of the year."

Assuming it carries a price tag that's comparable to the soon-to-be-released Nintendo 3DS--which will hit the streets in Japan in late February and in Australia, Europe and North America in late March and cost around $250 in each region--which one will you pick up?

I'm definitely planning to buy a 3DS, but that probably won't happen until 2012 at the earliest. I may buy an NGP eventually, too, but only if it's affordable (i.e., $249 or less) and if it has an attractive software library.


Viewtiful_Justin said...

3DS all the way. Nintendo's handhelds have almost without fail been amazing investments in entertainment. If the 3DS is anything like the DS, there's no way I could live without one and feel connected to the gaming community at all.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Yeah, I'm definitely excited about the 3DS, too, Justin. I can't wait to see what NIntendo, in particular, does with the system.

I'm obviously interested in the NGP, too, although I have to admit my interest is a bit tempered by the fact that I've yet to buy a game for my PSP :P (I'm planning to rectify that problem soon, BTW.)

Mischievous Lumi said...

Ugh, they finally decided to bring in the second analog stick for this new "PSP"? You know how hard it is to play Monster Hunter without one? But none the less, I will probably go with the new PSP. 3D is something I really don't find, but a cheap gimmick, and that's really how I see 3DS to be. Sorry fellas.

Bryan Ochalla said...

No need to be sorry, Lumi -- it's your opinion, and you're certainly allowed to have one here :)

I don't care about 3D either, to tell you the truth. I'm drawn to the 3DS because of what Nintendo was able to do with the DS -- and I'm guessing they'll be able to do similar things on the 3DS.

I find the NGP quite appealing, too, but I'm definitely going to be turned off if the system launches at $349 or $399.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Yeah. Actually, I feel the same way. I'm not even close to excited about the 3D...I'm curious, but nothing more. I just know the DS was pure gold, and I don't want to be left behind.

Bryan Ochalla said...

To follow up on what Justin just said -- although I'm not all that excited about the 3D, I don't think Nintendo would have chosen it if they didn't think they could do some interesting things with it. Also, even if the 3D ends up being a gimmick, I'm sure many of the first-party games will be loads of fun.

None of this means NGP games won't be fun, too, of course. In fact, I'm sure many of them will be just as or even more fun, in some cases. Which is why I'll probably end up getting both *eventually* :)

D! said...

In my opinion I am getting a NGP. I was a fan of Nintendo and my last console was GameCube, but I wasn't impress with the Wii. I am not saying is a bad console, its just their games got very conservative, childish and for people who never played a video game before. My uncles and aunts play Wii because is easy, even my grand mother play bowling. I don't think they would be able to understand a PS3 controller. So.. same thing happen with the DS, not a bad handled system but most of the games are very childish (well.. there are few exceptions). The reason why Nintendo sale more consoles than Sony, is because their systems are targeting all ages with very mild content. That's why even my Uncle, who is 59 yo and never played a video game in his life got one.

The portable games are not the same as before. Where people used to handle to play a 2D game in a small screen. Now they are in 3 dimensions, and I don't think I would be able to play Uncharted, Resident Evil, God of War, Killzone, little big planet, Ratchet or any game comfortably if is not on a Sony's NGP. I will be going crazy with the tiny 3DS.

Anyway.. I think there are people for both portable systems. But the games I mentioned are the games I like to play. I like a lot of Adventure, Intensity and Hardcore games. Go from Mild to Wild. I can only get this on Sony's portable system. I go for the NGP :0)

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to express my opinion, guys.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hey there, D! Thank you for the comment!

I can't say I agree with you, esp. in regards to your comment about the DS, which in my mind has the best, most diverse line up of games since the PS1/PS2 eras. I don't even agree with you 100% when it comes to the Wii. Sure, both systems have some "casual" games, but they also have many, many "hardcore" games.

Still, we're all allowed to have our own opinions (obviously) and there's really no need for you to buy a 3DS, DS or Wii if you don't want one.

As for me, I can find something to like about pretty much every system out there. The only one I can remember not liking in any way, in fact, was the Jaguar -- and even that had one game (a shooter) that I remember being curious about...