Monday, January 10, 2011

'Tour de Super Mario Bros.'

What do you get when you combine five Super Mario Bros. cartridges (preferably of the banana-yellow Famicom variety), a Fukuoka (Japan) library and a pile of North Korean propaganda from the 1980s? (Oh, and don't forget to throw some planes and trains into the mix, too.)

Why, you get "Tour de Super Mario Bros.," of course.

A few months ago, Sean over at posted the hilarious "Tour d' Excitebike," which included numerous photos of bright orange Excitebike carts as they paraded around Fukuoka. Earlier this week, he continued the series with the aforementioned "Tour de Super Mario Bros."

Whereas the previous tour included trips to Fukuoka Castle and Hakata Bay, this one includes stops at Kyudai Central Library and some nearby planes and trains.

Go here to see more of Sean's Famicom-focused tomfoolery. (Trust me, it's worth a visit just to see his photos of North Korean propaganda from the 1980s.)

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Viewtiful_Justin said...

Very nice.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Thanks, Justin! Glad you liked it :)

Sean said...

Thanks Bryan! I think you chose the best of the pictures!

Bryan Ochalla said...

You're welcome as always, Sean! I almost posted one of the photos that included propaganda instead of this one, but I thought people should have to visit your blog to see those :)

Sean said...

LOL, thanks! I'm partial to the North Korean progaganda pics too. They are so colorful - in a weird way they do a good job of complementing the Super Mario Brothers label art.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Oh, yeah, the colorful cart art and propaganda definitely complement each other, especially in this image --