Monday, October 24, 2011

I take back what I said previously: 7th Dragon 2020 doesn't look so bad

I can't say I was all the excited when I first laid eyes on the PSP sequel to one of my most-desired DS games, 7th Dragon.

Although the original was a deliciously retro RPG developed by imageepoch and published by Sega, its sequel, 7th Dragon 2020, has always appeared to be a more modern beast--which means, of course, that it eschews the pixels its predecessor so embraced in favor of polygons.

Anyway, the disappointment brought about by imageepoch's decision to make 7th Dragon 2020 more wow-worthy prompted me to all but ignore the title ever since it was announced earlier this summer.

That all changed after I watched the following "character make video" (whatever that means) via

Would I still prefer 7th Dragon 2020 to be a two-dimensional wonder like its forebear? Yes, but I'd be lying if I said the trailer above didn't at least somewhat pique my interest in the title, which will be released in Japan in just a few weeks (on Nov. 23, specifically).

The question is: Now that my interest has been piqued, will the game eventually see the light of day outside of the Land of the Rising Sun or will it suffer the same Japan-only fate as its pixel-loving predecessor?

I think we all know the answer to that one, don't we? Sigh.


Retr0gamer said...

I'm still holding out for a fan translation of the first game. The world needs more Rieko Kodama. It's a pity all these great RPGs are getting released on the PSP and there's so little chance of seeing them here :(

Bryan Ochalla said...

It's strange that no one has yet stepped up and admitting to working on a fan translation of the DS original, Retr0gamer. Anyway, I hope someone *is* working on it, because it needs to be released. And if not, I'm going to buy a copy of the Japanese and do my best to play through it...