Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Exposed at last: Mario's butt dimples

Did you know that butt dimples are also known as "dimples of Venus"? More importantly, did you know that Mario has them?

At least, that's how Perler-bead artist Danny Yama (aka Danny _8bit) depicts Nintendo's main dude in a recent creation called "Sexy Spa Mario."

Mario and his "dimples of Venus" aren't the only ones Yama has immortalized via Perler beads. Other sources of inspiration: Dragon Quest (Dragon Quest IV's Ragnar McRyan, in particular), The Legend of Zelda, Ninja Jajamaru-Kun and Spelunker.

To see more examples of Yama's work, pay a visit to his blog and/or his Flickr photostream.


Kimimi said...

Why did I even click on a link about Mario's butt dimples? -_-;

But I do love 8bit perler art!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Because you wanted to see Mario's butt dimples, Kimimi! There's no harm in that :)

Did you check out the rest of Danny's perler art, BTW? Some of it is *great*!

Kimimi said...

He's done some fantastic work hasn't he? I'll have to buy a bag of beads and finally have a go myself :)

Bryan Ochalla said...

Well, if you do, please let me see some of your creations, will you?

I'd love to do some of this myself, but I think I'm too busy/lazy at this point :P

Marcus said...

Oh my. Also, I love that you know the terminology "dimples of Venus".

I used to do these perler things when I was little but never video game stuff! So strange, really, since games were still my thing back then. Instead I made rainbow-colored cats and dogs :).

Bryan Ochalla said...

Oh my is right, Marcus!

It's funny that Danny decided to give Mario 'dimples of Venus,' isn't it? I'm glad he did, though, as it makes the, er, creation more interesting, IMO.

Also, I love that you used to make rainbow-colored cats and dogs out of perler beads, Marcus :)

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Nice. I love this one.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Who wouldn't love it, right, Justin? I guess people who hate or are afraid of (it could happen) butt dimples might not like it, but that's about it.

BTW, I love that Mario keeps his shoes/socks/whatever-those-brown-things-are-around-his-feet on while bathing :)

Adam said...

Mario bathes with his hat on eh?

Bryan Ochalla said...

Ah, yes, that too, Adam! Why is it I only noticed his socks/shoes? :)