Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I don't know about you, but I think the animated, polygonal enemies in Etrian Odyssey IV look pretty darn awesome

I have to admit, I was more than a bit skeptical when I read that Etrian Odyssey IV would include animated, polygonal enemies rather than the static, hand-drawn ones that have appeared in every other Etrian Odyssey release.

After watching the following trailer for this soon-to-be-released--on July 5, in Japan--3DS title, though, I'm feeling much less apprehensive. Actually, I'm feeling pretty darn excited about the game at the moment--in large part because the aforementioned animated and polygonal enemies look pretty awesome to these eyes.

What do all of you think? Did the trailer above serve to pique your interest in Etrian Odyssey IV?

Regardless, here's hoping this Atlus-made RPG makes its way to Australia, Europe and North America sooner rather than later--so all of us Etrian Odyssey fans can once again scratch our dungeon-crawling itches.

(Via andriasang.com)


Kimimi said...

Ooh they do look nice! EO's alays been a beautiful series, it's a shame I'm so utterly inept at them -_-;

Bryan Ochalla said...

Yeah, they look miles better than I thought they would, Kimimi -- especially since I reallllllly liked the hand-drawn ones in the previous EO games.

There's no need to feel ashamed about being inept at these games, by the way. They're hard! I'm pretty sure I only got as far as I did in the first one because I grinded like a fiend :)

diaglyph said...

It looks much better than previous one! I don't know yet. I'll wait for the demo in the eshop :) Though a 3D trailer to start with might be good! hehe
But you just mentioned that evil word LOL "grind" I hope this isn't a grind fest :(

Bryan Ochalla said...

Ah, yes, diaglyph--a 3D trailer and/or demo would be great for this one, wouldn't it? Fingers crossed something like that appears soon.

As for this being a grind-fest: I honestly couldn't tell you if you *have* to grind while playing any of the Etrian Odyssey games, as I pretty much always grind while playing any sort of RPG :)

diaglyph said...

ha true I guess! I guess it depends on how you feel about the game. If you're enjoying the game and/or story you don't mind the grind so much. Take Xenoblade: I'm right near the end, but at level 69 I have no chance of taking on the boss who is supposedly around 75. So I have to grind to level up. But since I like Xenoblade, I don't mind so much.
With Etrian, when I played the first one, I lost interest in the game very quickly. I just couldn't find the story (or whatever the story was) interesting to sustain me in the game (I feel similar with Pokemon, I lose interest with Pokemon mainly due to the excessive grind).
I generally can't play games that only focus on gameplay and have almost zero story to them. But then I don't know what this latest Etrian Odyssey is about. Maybe it will have more of a story to it.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I'd say it looks pretty awesome! I love a colorful RPG...none of this dreary crap for me!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Yes, of course you're right, diaglyph--it's much easier to enjoy grinding (or at least put up with it) when you care about the game.

Personally, I didn't mind Etrian Odyssey's lack of story, but I certainly wouldn't fault you for feeling that way about the game.

As for myself, I was drawn in by the atmosphere and the gameplay. We'll see if those same aspects draw me into this latest iteration--should it be released in the US, of course.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Yes, Justin, that's something I've really liked about the Etrian Odyssey games thus far: How colorful they are! And, like you said, this one doesn't seem, at this point, to be an exception. Hooray :)