Wednesday, May 23, 2012

'Ancient Egyptian Plumber'

Mario-inspired t-shirt designs pop up with such regularity these days that most folks probably stopped caring about them long ago.

It's hard not to care about a well-produced Mario-inspired t-shirt design, though, and in my humble opinion the one below (and here) fits rather snugly within that category.

The quality of this particular design, titled "Ancient Egyptian Plumber," isn't all that surprising once you realize it was produced by the Los Angeles-based artist who answers to both "herky" and "Lucky1988."

Another reason to like herky's/Lucky1988's creation: The tongue-in-cheek article that promotes it over at

CAIRO, Egypt – An illustrated tapestry recently unearthed here seems to suggest that plumbing, long believed to be a primarily Roman invention, may in fact have originated in ancient Egypt.  

Depicting a leaping figure wearing boots, a cap, and a form of ancient Egyptian overalls, the illustration indicates that Egypt can claim credit for the now-iconic plumber archetype.  

“It’s remarkable how contemporary the plumber figure looks,” says Prof. Martin Etcharles of the University of Shigeru. “It looks like something that could have been drawn in the early 1980s in Japan.”

The tapestry is believed to date from the reign of Pharaoh Bowserkhamun III, during the so-called Mushroom Dynasty. Etcharles says that the whole field of plumbing archaeology has been electrified by the discovery.  

“Of course, there’s always the possibility we’re getting too fixated on this plumber character,” he says. “But we wouldn’t be the first to do that.”

Cream-colored tees featuring this "Ancient Egyptian Plumber" can be picked up here for $15, while "natural" totes can be bought here for $12. Both are only available until Saturday, May 26, so get your butt over to pronto if you want one.

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Viewtiful_Justin said...

That's pretty great!

Bryan Ochalla said...

I should have known you'd comment on this one, Justin! You always like the t-shirt designs I share here :) Anyway, I agree with you -- I really like this one.

Robert said...

heh, thats a cute one. I agree about the abundance of mario shirts but every so often you see one that's still able to blow you away.

This is one of my faves

Bryan Ochalla said...

Oh, Robert, I like that one, too! Do you own one, or is that someone else's photo?

Unknown said...

Wow, I love it! I'd definitely buy it if I wore more t-shirts... My favorite part of the design is a tie between his blingin' necklace and the "hieroglyphics."

Bryan Ochalla said...

I'm in the same boat, Anne -- I love the design, but I don't tend to buy these t-shirts for various reasons. Also, I loooooooove the "hieroglyphics." Best part of the design, IMO :)

Robert said...

Oh , haha no no It was a shirt on threadless ... or tee fury that I saw a while ago. ( Although all my friends seem to have one XD )

Bryan Ochalla said...

Understood, Robert. I'm now jealous of your friends, BTW!