Monday, July 23, 2012

Things I'd buy if I were independently wealthy #273: The Bravely Default Collector's Pack

Actually, I'd likely find a way to add it to my collection regardless if I could play it on my current 3DS and if I knew a a lick of Japanese. As it stands, though, picking up such an item seems a bit ridiculous--especially considering those of us who don't live in the Land of the Rising Sun are sure to spend upwards of $200 on it. (Square Enix is selling it through its eShop for ¥12,800, or about $163. Which means stores like will sell it for far more than that.)

All that aside, some of you probably are wondering what's included in this pricey-yet-delicious-looking package. To which I say: A copy of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, the game's original soundtrack, an art album, a 3DS "protect case" and a life-sized AR poster.

The folks at Square Enix have yet to announce a Western release for Bravely Default, although I'm hopeful they'll do so around the time the game hits store shelves in Japan (in early October). And if not? Well, I'll just have to pick up a Japanese 3DS (LL?) and a "standard" copy of this game, I guess--yes, even if I won't be able to understand a word of it. It reportedly features a Final Fantasy V-like job system, which means there's no way in hell I'm passing it up.



diaglyph said...

It's certainly an impressive collectors edition!
I do like how this game is sounding! The jobs, being turn based, the art style. I really do hope it comes outside Japan.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Cross your fingers that it's coming over here. I can't imagine it won't make the jump, considering all the official mention I've heard about it.

Bryan Ochalla said...

I agree, Igor! All of the things you mentioned -- art style, job system, turn-based battles -- appeal to me, too. Fingers crossed SE's North American arm announces it soon!

Bryan Ochalla said...

They've been crossed for some time, Justin! You're right, though, that it's likely the game will be released here eventually. Still, I'd love some sort of confirmation!