Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'd totally (probably) buy Sound Shapes if I owned a PS3 or Vita

I know I'm a bit late to the party on this one--it was released early last week, after all, although it won't hit the streets in Europe until tomorrow--but what do you expect from someone who owns neither a PS3 nor a Vita?

Even then, you'd think this Queasy Games-developed title would have appeared on my radar before this past weekend, when I read about it on the geek out! blog.

As for why I'd totally (probably) pick up Sound Shapes if I owned a PS3 or Vita: I really like its minimalist, LocoRoco-meets-NightSky aesthetic, for starters. Also, I'm intrigued by its gameplay, which seems to be an appealing mash-up of a platformer and a rhythm title.

The only thing that makes me a bit, well, queasy about this digital release: Its $14.99 price tag. Still, I'd likely bite the bullet and hand over my hard-earned cash for it if I owned a Vita, as only a couple of its games have caught my attention thus far (namely @field, Dokuro and Gravity Daze/Rush).

See also: 'Sega's doing its darndest to lead me @field' and 'Surprise, surprise: The first (and only) Vita game that interests me is an odd, niche-y one'


Gerard said...

I was actually looking for an appropriate post to ask you why you haven't invested in any of Sony's 7th-gen systems? I heard you say you didn't own a PS3 on the Nichiest Podcast Ever.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Welcome back, Jyr!

The reason I don't yet own a PS3: Money. As in, I don't have enough of it at the moment. As soon as I do, though, I plan on picking up a PS3 -- assuming Sony drops the price later this year or early next.

As for why I don't own a Vita: Honestly, I'm fine with my 3DS, DS and PSP for now. I may pick up a Vita down the road, but only after more games that actually appeal to me are released for it and after its price comes down quite a bit.

Do you own a PS3 and/or a Vita? If so, which games caused you to buy either or both of these systems?

Gerard said...

Would "nothing" suffice? I got it at launch as an 18th birthday gift. So, yay! I can still play PS2 games, which was its sole function for the longest time. My enthusiasm was dampened a little when I first saw its initial price. Ouch, that is love. Aside from Sound Shapes, what's tickling your fancy on the PS3? I'm on the prowl for something new.

As for the Vita: bleh..

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hello again :) So, you only have a PS3? Also, congrats for getting it as a gift! That's how I'm hoping to acquire either a WiiU (or maybe a PS3) later this year.

As for what's tickling my fancy in regards to the PS3: In terms of recent or soon-to-be-released games, I have to go with Journey and Ni no Kuni. In terms of old games, I have to go with Valkyria Chronicles (ALWAYS!).

Do you have any interest in the Vita, BTW, or are you like me (happily sittin' on the fence for now)?

Gerard said...

D'you think if you dropped a big enough hint someone would buy you the Ni No Kuni PS3 console?

I've been trying with my other-half, as we're both Ghibli-nuts, but all I've gotten so far is a "another console?!".

Yes, in regards to the Vita, the fence is my domain. Frankly, I can't see anything on the horizon that'd shift me, so to speak. What do you think would get you hyped enough to fully invest in Sony's much-maligned portable?

Bryan Ochalla said...

Me? No. I could maybe get my parents to get me a PS3 that costs $199 or less, though. Maybe.

So, you want the Ni no Kuni PS3 even though you already have a PS3? I can respect that :)

As for the Vita: I think that only thing that would get me to even consider picking one up would be for it to drop to about $150 in price. I know, I know, it may never reach that price point, but at the moment I would only consider it if it were that cheap, as there just aren't many games available for it that I want.

Should that change, I maybe would consider picking it up for, say, $179, but it would take a number of must-have games for that to happen.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

That price tag has stopped me from buying it for sure. I'm waiting to see it come down to maybe $10. It looks amazing, but I just don't think there's enough content to justify a $15 price tag.

Bryan Ochalla said...

I can understand and appreciate that, Justin. As nice as this game looks (and sounds), I can't help but wonder how much content is in there. Also, how hard is it? The video I posted here makes it seem fairly easy, and I would want there to be at least some amount of challenge to it if I'm going to spend $14.99 on it.

2D2Will said...

Sound Shapes reminded me that I still need to buy Loco Roco. I would have bought it sooner, but I forgot that I even own a PSP.


Bryan Ochalla said...

Ah, I understand, 2D2Will. The poor PSP probably is forgotten by a lot of its owners :( I know I haven't played mine in a while. Really have to get back to it, as it's a nice little system. Anyway, go get yourself a copy of LocoRoco and turn on that PSP again!