Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Returning to the Corpse Party: 'Book of Shadows' is coming to North America

And not only that, but Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is coming to North America sometime "this winter."

Oh, and this digital PSP title will be brought here by the fabulous folks at Xseed Games. (They're fabulous because not only did they bring the original Corpse Party to our region late last year, but they've also brought a trio of similarly unique Wii games to the North American masses over the last few years: Fragile Dreams, Ivy the Kiwi? and Little King's Story.)

Don't worry, European Corpse Party fans--Book of Shadows is coming your way, too. Unfortunately, the closest Xseed staffers will come to a release date in your neck of the woods at the moment is "sometime shortly after" the game hits the streets on our shores.

For a brief glimpse at what you can expect to experience in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows once it's finally added to your region's iteration of PSN, check out the just-released teaser trailer (above and here).

Confession time: I'm picking this up day one despite the fact that I've yet to beat the first game. I didn't stop (well) short of Corpse Party's end credits because I disliked anything about it, mind you. Rather, I got stuck at one point and refused to head to GameFAQs for a solution. Shortly after I reached that impasse, it fell off my radar due to the release of some other title I can't remember right now.

Anyway, I'll get back to that ghoulish adventure eventually. Whether that happens before or after I add Book of Shadows to my PSP collection, though, is another question entirely.


Retr0gamer said...

So miracles do happen. Delighted this is coming out! Hopefully Xseed can surprise us more with news of the Legend of Heroes sequels.

Chalgyr said...

You now - I never did pick up the first game. It looked pretty cool - so I'm happy to see it got a sequel

Bryan Ochalla said...

I agree, Retr0gamer! I really thought there was no chance this game would see the light of day outside of Japan. Hopefully other previously Japan-only PSP games will soon follow this one's footsteps!

Bryan Ochalla said...

You should try it, Chalgyr. I've only played part of it, but I enjoyed what I played. Really have to get back to it soon -- esp. if the sequel will be out this winter!

Unknown said...

Ah, I am so excited for this one! The news totally made my day.

It might be worth mention to anyone who hasn't picked it up that the original Corpse Party is on sale for only $10 on the US PSN right now... What a steal!

You know, though, I have to say that if you found yourself stuck, you may want to give in to looking at a guide, Bryan. There are some portions of the game that are just not intuitive at all, and the time you waste trying to figure out what you need to do will take away from the rest of the experience, in my opinion. I'm hoping the new first person adventure-style format of Book of Shadows will alleviate that issue.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Oh, yes, I should have mentioned the sale. Thanks for bringing it up, Anne!

As for looking at a guide: Yeah, I'll definitely do that as soon as I have access to my PSP again. I don't know why I got stuck, but I do know I'm not willing to figure it out on my own at this point!