Tuesday, November 06, 2012

If only these sprites had been created for an actual Final Fantasy game (rather than an album)

Shocking admission of the day (yeah, right): I prefer the sprite-based Final Fantasy games to those that are polygon-based.

As such, I was pretty stoked when I came across a post on siliconera.com that stated the powers that be at Square Enix recently hired pixel artist Kasuko Shibuya to create sprites for a Final Fantasy tribute album that's in the works.

Here's the result of Shibuya's hard work:

I know this is a pipe dream, but wouldn't it be awesome if Square Enix teamed up with Shibuya to create a Final Fantasy tribute game? My only requirement would be that it feature an HUD that's less hideous than the ones that appear in Final Fantasy Dimensions and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (WiiWare version).

(Via siliconera.com)


kidicarus222 said...

You've stumped me: What's HUD?

Kimimi said...

Lovely spritework isn't it? I wish FFXI and FFXII had more than one character each, but at least Shantotto got a spot ^^~

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hi Drew! How funny that you should pop in here. I *just* popped my head into your blog (yes, such a thing is possible).

Anyway, HUD = Heads-Up Display. You know, all of the shit that's thrown onto a game's screen to show you your health, location, time, etc.

The last two 2D Final Fantasy games had *terrible* HUDs, in my opinion. Yuck!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hello to you, too, Kimimi! And, yes, it's extremely lovely spritework. I, too, would have loved to see more sprites from the later Final Fantasy games. Here's hoping Shibuya created some of them and will share them soon.

kidicarus222 said...


Hadn't noticed the display. Was maybe too drooly for the sprite art, which was lovely.

So if The After Years is the follow-up to FFIV, and if Dimensions is the follow-up to FFV (spiritually and gameplay-wise, if not plot-wise), does that mean that the next retro sequel will go with FFVI?

Tom Badguy said...

I wonder what songs will be on the tribute album? Those sprites are pretty cool as well.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Drew: That would be fine with me -- as long as the folks at SE fix their damn HUD template :P

Also, I desperately want 3D remakes of FFV and VI (I'd take another of IV, too, to be honest) made for the 3DS using the Bravely Default engine.

Someone make it happen!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Tom: Yeah, I'm curious about that, too. Not that I'll be buying the album regardless. Don't get me wrong--I absolutely love Final Fantasy music, but I'm OK with only listening to it when I play the games :)

Melody (Lizzi) said...

I have to say that I liked Final Fantasy IX (9) the most. Okay I only played VII - XIII-2 and don't know anything before VII. Maybe I'll try the remakes of earlier FF-games some time.
The soundtrack-cover looks cute and reminds me a bit of Thearhythm FF (3DS) which I really love.

Bryan Ochalla said...

You've never played any of the earlier Final Fantasy games, Melody? You really should try some of them -- unless you tend to not like sprite-based games? FFV and FFVI are the best, if you ask me, although I also quite like FFIV (despite its flaws). 1-111 are only for hardcore FF fans, though.