Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stomp on my heart a little harder, why don't you?

True story: For about a week in early October, I was the proud, er, "pre-owner" of one of the Animal Crossing-branded 3DS LL systems that just hit store shelves in Japan.

I eventually canceled my pre-order, though, because, well, I just couldn't deal with the idea of spending $400-plus on a handheld--even one as fabulous-looking as this one.

Anyway, I felt pretty good about that decision until I came across the unboxing video below (and here) the other day. Now I'm back to wishing I'd emptied my bank account just so I could stare at--or, you know, use--one of these beauties whenever I felt like it.

Is anyone else shocked by how small this system's box is, by the way? I know it doesn't include an AC adapter or charging cradle, but I'm still a bit surprised.

Unboxing videos not your thing? You may want to check out the "gratuitous Animal Crossing 3DS LL/XL photo shoot" over at the Chic Pixel blog then. (Yes, that means Anne just got an Animal Crossing 3DS LL and, yes, that means I'm more jealous of her than I've ever been before.)

So, what do you think the chances are that Nintendo of America, Australia and Europe will bring this system to their respective regions? Yeah, I'm thinking "slim to none," too.


Justin Difazzio said...

Jealous. So jealous. But saving my pennies so I can actually BUY the game when it comes out...damn poverty-line. Who knows when I'll get a WiiU, either...maybe when I get my tax return if I'm not fixing my teeth or something with that...

thegaygamer.com said...

I hear ya, Justin. And, really, systems like this one are pretty superfluous when you think about it -- especially if you're like us and already have a 3DS.

As for you getting a Wii U: I thought you had one pre-ordered? Did you have to cancel it? If so, I'm sorry :(

Hopefully you'll get a humungous tax return and will be able to get a copy of AC: New Leaf, a Wii U and anything else you desire :)

Justin Difazzio said...

No. I never had a pre-order. They were gone before I even knew I wanted to get one. No deluxe sets were left...so...sad face.

thegaygamer.com said...

Oh, I didn't know that :( And I'm guessing you don't want one of the Basic Sets? That's what I'll probably end up getting -- although that's because I want a white Wii U.

Anyway, hopefully more Deluxe Sets will be available soon and you'll be able to get your hands on one :)

apricotsushi said...

Thanks for the mention, Bryan! :D

I have to say I was super surprised at how small the box was, too! It's especially funny up next to the GBA Micro box on my shelf... The GBA Micro box is huge in comparison! But of course, the systems themselves are on opposite sides of the spectrum, size-wise... Hmm that gives me an idea for an upcoming photo op!

I'm going to be totally honest, here... I'm a little disappointed with my unit, as I think something's loose or not attached properly on the back case. You know the piece that covers the battery on the back of the system? Right on the left hand side where the volume is, it's actually loose (as in it's not firmly attached to the unit). I have no idea why this is, and I should probably open the back up and take a look to see if something didn't get slide on properly, but I really have no idea what could be causing it. It's a little sad to have a limited edition item not be 100% perfect, even though it's not noticeable visually (unless you pull on it by mistake).

I'm sure this is something that's unique to my unit, and not a common problem, though!

Also, I have to say, it's a little scary playing with something you spent so much money on... I'm so scared I'm going to scratch it, or get a scuff mark on it, or ruin the screen somehow... AGH! So you can rest easy knowing you'll never have to deal with that stress, haha ;)

thegaygamer.com said...

Oh, you're most welcome, Anne! I glad I could help turn even a few more people onto your photos in particular or blog in general :)

As for comparing the AC LL's box to the box your Micro came in: That's hilarious! I'd love to see those comparison photos, of course.

I'm sorry to hear your unit isn't completely perfect, BTW. That sucks! You know what, though? I swear I've read about that problem/issue before! Sadly, I'm not sure if it's common or uncommon.

Have you search the web to see if there are any solutions to it? If not, you should do so, I think. Who knows, maybe someone else has figured out how to fix it by now.

I fully understand your fears about scratching your new system, BTW. Hell, I feel pretty much the same way every time I buy a regular/non-LE system -- I can only imagine how you feel about yours. That said, I hope you have fun with it and realize that at the end of the day it is an entertainment device and should be enjoyed :)

apricotsushi said...

Haha, I should've known to search Google regarding my case! Apparently it's very common. There's even a video on how to fix it (they say you just need to unscrew the back and reclip it, which is what I assumed, anyway): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNXMi4e5QbY

It's too bad that Nintendo keeps having these little issues. The OG 3DS had problems with the lines on the top screen, and now this? Granted this is an easier fix than if your top screen got scratched but considering how many results I got when Googling it, but it's still unfortunate!

Well phew, I feel a lot better. I'd been worrying about it for days! I'll go open it up and fix it now... Hopefully I have the right size screw driver :/

thegaygamer.com said...

Ah, I *thought* I had heard about it before! So glad you were able to find a solution to it. Hopefully it's an easy fix?

Also, it'll be interesting to see if my pink-and-white XL has the same problem. I hope not, but as long as it's not difficult to fix it won't really matter, I guess...

Lizzi said...

OMG I want one of those! And the person from the video owns two of them! Now thats kinda unfair... :(
By the way: The Pikachu 3DS LL was sold out in one day. But i was fast enough :D
Yesterday I visited the Wii U Experience Tour.
It was very interesting and funny.
I had the chance to try Pikmin 3, Nintendo Land, Tekken TT for Wii U, Assassins Creed III on Wii U, New Super Mario Bros U, Zombie U, Paper Mario Sticker Star, Trine 2 on Wii U and many more.
Also there were free food and drinks for the visitors and a cosplay contest. I took photos :) I just reached 150 Miis in my Mii Lobby. Yaiy!

Lizzi said...

Oh and I met a guy who had a japanese 3DS too. He showed me Animal Crossing New Leaf which he was playing. :D

thegaygamer.com said...

I was wondering about that part at the beginning, Melody. I couldn't tell if the person making the video had two of the LLs or what. Anyway, I think you're right and he/she got two of them. Argggh!!!

I'm glad to hear you nabbed one of the Pikachu LLs, by the way. When will you get it, do you think?

I wonder if that system will be released in the US? I really can't imagine it won't be, yet Nintendo of America has yet to say anything about it. Sigh.

I'm glad to hear you had a good time at the Wii U Experience you attended! Sounds like you got to experience a lot of games. Did you enjoy any of them in particular? Also, do you plan on getting a Wii U?

thegaygamer.com said...

Oh, that's awesome! I'm especially jealous that he had AC: New Leaf :|

Lizzi said...

I'll get the Pikachu 3DS LL on 7th of december. Amazon.de always delivers at the release date. So, as I said before, I'll get it at the same day as Paper Mario Sticker Star. This picture says that it maybe comes to America too:


As for the games I tested:

I really enjoyed playing Nintendo Land. It was so much fun chasing my boyfriend in the "Luigis Mansion" game or help him defeating enemies in the "Pikmin" game. And espacially the "Animal Crossing" game was super cute. Also Assassins Creed III seemed to look slightly better then on my PS3! I was kinda surprised about that. But I think Pikmin 3 impressed me the most. The light-effects are great. In fact the whole graphic is overwhelming. I defenetly need this game! And I won't cancel my preorder for the Wii U. I'm still gettin it on 30th of november. If you want to give me your e-mail-adress or anything like that I can send you the pictures I made yesterday (If you're interested).

thegaygamer.com said...

Oh, yes, thats right ... Dec. 7. Not far away!

BTW, I'm pretty sure that image you linked to was created by people who *want* the Pikachu 3DS XL to be released in North America. In other words, it doesn't seem to be official. Still, hopefully NOA will announce its release soon...

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Nintendo Land while at the Wii U event you attended. I really liked it, too, and I think it's a game that my husband will like whenever I get a Wii U (which is saying something, as he really doesn't like games).

I'm sad now that I didn't play Pikmin 3 at the event I attended. Oh, well, it'll be out sometime this spring and then maybe I'll give it a go in my own home :)

As for sending me photos of the event you attended: Sure, if you're up for it. My e-mail address is bochalla *at* yahoo *dot* com.

Lizzi said...

Oh really? This is a fanmade picture? Looks so official... too sad... but I think it would be weird if Nintendo brings this handheld to Japan AND Germany...??? Strange mix. As for the pictures: I'll send them to you in some minutes. :D

thegaygamer.com said...

Yeah, it basically was made by people who are trying to pressure Nintendo of America to bringing the Pikachu XL to the US.

I'm sure we'll find out soon enough if the system will be released here, although I honestly thought they would release it here in time for Christmas, and it seems a little late to be announcing that now...

Lizzi said...

I just sent you the pictures. Hope you'll like them :)

thegaygamer.com said...

Ah, I'll go look at them in a minute. Thanks!