Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 import games I bought in 2012 but didn't tell you about until now: Gokuraku! Chuka Taisen (PC Engine)

Oh, hey, another game has graduated from being featured in a recent "Second Chances" post to, well, being featured in my games collection.

And "featured" it shall be, due to its stellar cover art.

Thanks to my strange obsession with taking skewed (as opposed to straight-on) photos of games, though, you probably can't quite tell how stellar Gokuraku! Chuka Taisen's cover art is.

I'll do my best to snap a few additional shots of it and post them on my Flickr photostream in the next few days, OK? In the meantime, you can take closer look at the box art in question here.

I've spent quite a bit of time playing Gokuraku! Chuka Taisen since I acquired it, by the way. And although I still wish it looked a little less muddy, I'm enjoying pretty much every other aspect of it at the moment.

Did you know this Taito-made quarter-muncher was ported to the Famicom, too? That version's a more accurate conversion than this one is, actually, as its art style is more in line with the original.

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Steve Pixel said...

This looks great (both artwork and game). I love games based on Asian mythology. From what I've read, this version not only looks better than the arcade game, but they added a bunch of stuff too. said...

I guess you could say this version looks better than the arcade original, Steve, but I think you could argue the opposite, too. I really like the arcade version's art style myself. Anyway, both versions are worth a few plays, if you ask me, although from a gameplay standpoint the PCE version probably is the better of the two.

Kimimi said...

That really is a beautiful cover! I always neglect HUcards, shame on me :3 said...

Yes, shame on you, Kimimi! :P Why do you tend to neglect them, by the way? Is there a reason, or do you just forget about them? Regardless, I think you should give them some much-needed attention in the coming months/years, as there are a good number of great HuCard-based games out there, if you ask me.