Friday, February 22, 2013

Sorry, but I don't have a one-word reaction to share RE: yesterday's Nintendo Direct

I do have a few words to say about it, though--if anyone's interested in hearing them.

This latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, which focused on third-party 3DS games, began with Satoru Iwata showing some new footage of Tomodachi Collection: New Life, the sequel to a Japan-only DS life sim that's sold more than three million copies to date.

I don't know about you, but Iwata had me hooked at the get-go thanks to his Famicom-themed room.

The question is: will the game, which will be released in Japan on April 18, do what its predecessor did not and make its way westward? I hope so, although I have my doubts.

Iwata then went on to discuss a number of upcoming third-party games, some of which I'm interested in and some of which I'm not, including Level-5's Professor Layton and the Legacy of Super Civilization A (aka Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies) and Youkai Watch, Success' Touch Detective: Funghi's Big Breed (a match-three spin-off of the company's Touch Detective series) and Namco Bandai's Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission and Super Robot Wars UX.

Far more intriguing to me was the news that Level-5's Guild 02 compilation will now be released digitally rather than via retail. That said, only one of the Guild 02 titles really intrigued me, with that title being Spaceship Damray, a "suspense adventure" that's being developed by game designer Asano Kazuya and novelist Takemaru Abiko.

Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei IV and Capcom's Monster Hunter 4 wrapped up this installment of Nintendo Direct, and both looked pretty great to these presser-weary (after Sony's PS4 event of a few days ago) eyes.

I've been on the Shin Megami Tensei IV hype train since it was first announced, of course, but I haven't always had such a favorable impression of Monster Hunter 4 (or any Monster Hunter game, for that matter), so it'll be interesting to see if I follow through and buy the series' latest entry should it be released here in North America.

I have to admit that I was hoping a few new 3DS games--like a Final Fantasy V remake using Bravely Default's engine--would be announced during this broadcast, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Maybe next time, Nintendo?

11 comments: said...

Ha! I think I'm in the same boat as you are, Zaphod--I'd be far more interested in this kind of game if I were still a teen. As an adult (gulp), I actually find it a bit overwhelming--especially the steep learning curve.

diaglyph said...

It was an interesting presentation.

Tomodatchi - have no idea what it is about haha looks like Animal Crossing but with people instead of animals.

I'm really interested and curious about Youkai Watch and hope that comes out! (It's a Level 5 game, so here's to hoping!!)

GUILD02 might be interesting, need more info on the games though. From GUILD01 Crimson Shroud has been my favourite, the other games just don't interest me (not interested in a shooter type game and the airport puzzler is the least interesting one).

SMT4 - omg yes please! haha Though I'm also extremely sad because this is an Atlus game, meaning, who knows when it will ever reach euro regions! I'm hoping Nintendo might step in and bring it euro regions, would make for nice tie in promotion for the crossover game.

Monster Hunter - downloaded the 3DS demo (and Wii U demo, which I'll try later). Game looks really good! But man, what a horrendous demo. Tells you nothing about the game (it was pointed out to me there is an eManual with controls etc, so I might try again once I understand the controls). But really if they want more new players to get into the game the demo needs to be friendly to new players. It's pretty much turned me off and I don't really see myself getting the game (regardless that friends will be). I don't like kicking myself in the balls in such a way.

Castlevania - another great looking demo and look! it actually tells you what the controls are! Fancy seeing that in a demo -_- But yea its a nice demo, I like it. I may pick up the game at a future date.

Can't comment on the other games, they didn't make much of an impression on me. said...

Hey there, Igor :)

Yep, that's basically what Tomodachi Collection is--Animal Crossing with humans--as far as I'm aware, although it seems like it has its own quirks and enjoyable elements, too.

I have my doubts as to whether this sequel will be released outside of Japan, despite its promise, as I believe one of the series' main hooks is a charming, humorous use of text-to-speech technology that works best with phonetic languages like Japanese. Still, I'd love it if Nintendo could find some way to make it work elsewhere.

RE: Guild 02--I have to admit I was far more interested in the first one, and even then I've yet to buy Crimson Shroud or Aero Porter, so I guess I shouldn't cry too much if this one doesn't come out over here, eh?

I, too, hope Nintendo steps in and releases SMT4 in your region, Igor. I'm guessing we'll get it over here late this year or early next, and hopefully it'll be the same (or shortly thereafter) for you.

I've heard similarly bad things about the MH3U demo, Igor, and I actually think I'm going to avoid it for now. I have enough to play anyway, and I was pretty sure even before this that I would pass on MH3U and pick up MH4 instead (assuming it's released here).

I have no interest in Castlevania anymore, sadly--unless they release a sprite-based 2D one again. I just don't find this game's aesthetics appealing at all :|

diaglyph said...

On Castlevania - just try the demo ;)
The videos and screenshots around the net don't do it justice. But that's fair enough if you're not interested :) said...

Eh, I may end up trying the demo as you suggest, but there's literally a 1 percent chance I'll end up buying the game (even if I enjoy the demo). I've already got my 3DS purchases mapped out for the next few months, and this game just doesn't fit onto that map, if that makes sense.

diaglyph said...

haha fair enough :) said...

I'll at least give the demo a try, OK? :)

Lizzi said...

Just watched the presentation and didn't understand a word BUT I am thrilled with all the great pictures of interesting games such as Youkai Watch, Prof Layton and the Azran Legacies, SMT IV and Monster Hunter 4.

Oh I really hope those games make it to Europe (and America of course) soon because I can't wait for them anymore! >.<
But I really wish they would give us some informations about the release-dates of Bravely Default too...
Really want to add this game to my collection.

apricotsushi said...

Just wanted to chip in and say you might be better off not trying the demo, Bryan, unless you don't mind being totally turned off the game. MH demos are notoriously obtuse, and this one's no different! I barely know anything about Monster Hunter myself, but having played a bit of Freedom Unite I at least know the controls, but they certainly send you up the creek without a paddle! said...

Yikes! Why on earth would Capcom do that, I wonder? Hmmm, now I think I'll pass on this demo altogether. Thanks for the warning, Anne! said...

Oh, yes, I want to hear about Bravely Default, too. I really hope SE isn't going to leave it as a Japan-only game :(

I also hope Level-5's Youkai Watch and Fantasy Life are brought to both of our countries. They look great, don't they? Come on, Level-5, don't leave us hanging!