Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nearly five minutes of awesome Pokémon doodles

Early last week, I posted a video that consisted of three-and-a-half minutes of awesome Animal Crossing doodles, each of which were produced (using black pencil and acrylic paint) by YouTube user surrounded78.

Well, while perusing the other 90 videos surrounded78 has uploaded to his (her?) YouTube channel in the last seven or so years, I came across the one below, which includes just under five minutes of awesome Pokémon doodles.

As amazing as surrounded78's Animal Crossing creations are and were, I think these Pokémon creations may be even more so thanks to the ones shown at :16, :21, :36, 1:05, 1:42, 1:59, and so on and so forth.

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Zaphod65 said...

Great stuff again. I love the pic of the trainer hugging Golduck at 4:26. I'd put that on a shirt.

There's a disturbing lack of my favorite Pokemon, Sandslash. The pictures of Alakazam and Turtwig make up for it.

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

I wish I was this creative.

Also here's what the inside of a pokeball looks like. said...

Hello again :) Yeah, this person's drawing/painting style is great, isn't it? I'd love any of his/her stuff on a t-shirt, to tell you the truth. said...

Me, too :( Actually, I'm creative enough, but I don't have anywhere near the talent of this person.