Monday, July 15, 2013

Another day, another Oskunk-centric post (with this one being about a custom Yoshi GameBoy)

Didn't I just publish a post about an Oskunk creation? Oh, yeah, I did. Oops. What can I say? I like the guy's work. And, really, how can you not like a GameBoy that's been custom painted in order to honor Yoshi?

To see the backside of this particular GameBoy (and to see both sides from a few different angles), be sure to check out this post on Oskunk's Custom Art blog at your earliest convenience.


Justin Difazzio said...

Of all the custom systems you've posted here, this is by far my favorite. It's the perfect color, and it features Boo. Oh, and Yoshi... said...

Wow, I'm kind of surprised to hear that, Justin! I mean, I like it a lot, too, but I probably wouldn't say it's my favorite. That said, if you like green and you like Yoshi, you're sure to love this system, aren't you?