Thursday, September 05, 2013

Aino's (and Bryan's) Adventures in Animachi, Weeks 11 and 12

Let's get something monumental out of the way right of the bat in this installment of "Aino's (and Bryan's) Adventures in Animachi": Animachi finally has a proper town flag.

Here's a shot of Mayor Aino as she stands proudly beneath it:

Here's another look at it, in case you can't make out all of the details in the shot above.

The "A" is Animachi, of course--although a few of the town's snarkier citizens have suggested (in hushed tones, naturally) Aino may think it's supposed to represent and honor her on-going mayorship.

The figures that can be seen standing around the "A," by the way, are (from left to right) Ankha, Snake and Barold.

Hamlet, above, didn't make the cut, sadly. Is that what prompted him to pack up and leave town last week? No one knows, but at least a few Animachians suspect it may have been a factor.

Although both Aino and Bryan were sad to see the little jock go, the former was happy that the removal of his home meant an illuminated tower could be erected in its place.

The tower in question looks snazzy enough by day (above), but it looks nothing less than stunning at night (below).

Another reason Aino, especially, wasn't entirely gutted by Hamlet's departure: he sent her a framed photo of himself as a parting gift.

Speaking of villager photos: Aino also got Winnie's "pic" last week after completing an entirely mundane task for the long-faced lass.

With that photo, by the way, Aino now has four villager pics--one each from Bluebear, Hamlet, Katie and Winnie.

While Aino was whoring herself out (not literally) for villager pics, Bryan was redecorating his long-ignored home.

He began with his upstairs bedroom (above), which has a "robo" theme with a few space-y items thrown in for good measure.

The second room he tackled was the "west wing" of his main floor--which, as you hopefully can see in the screenshot above, has been made to look like the inside of a spaceship. (A spaceship piloted by a foursome of brewstoids, no less.)

Finally, he also redecorated his home's "east wing" to have an "astro" theme. (Note how his bed is situated so he sleeps between a pair of studly statues.)

When Bryan wasn't moving furniture in the last two weeks, he was traveling the globe--or at least traveling to Dunwich (yes, of The Dunwich Hoarder fame) to see his best bud, Terry. (Who's also been known to like a stud or two, it should be said.)

Bryan's main reason for taking yet another trip to Dunwich was so he could convince Lily the frog to fill Hamster's spot in Animachi, he also had a bit of fun--or maybe I should say "a bear-y good time"--with Terry.

Going back to Lily: she and her stuff showed up in Animachi two days after Bryan's visit.

While interacting with Aino, Lily's all "aw shucks" and "aren't I adorable?"

While interacting with Bryan, though, she's a bit, well, more saucy.

Sadly, Lily has yet to figure out that Bryan bats for the other team, so to speak, so she won't leave him alone. As such, Bryan decided to take some extreme measures in order to keep her at arm's length--such as by catching a scorpion and keeping it in a cage near his front door. (Lily detests skittering creatures.)

Bryan hasn't been the only Animachian to get a bit feisty this last week. Aino, for instance, went on a bit of a tree-whacking binge after she finally got her hands on a golden axe a few days ago.

Will the next installment of "Aino's (and Bryan's) Adventures in Animachi" show the town to be a barren wasteland thanks to Aino's crazed, tree-toppling excursions? I guess we'll find out about two weeks from now.

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Justin Difazzio said...

Your adventures are so entertaining, Bryan! And the Brewstoids working the spaceship? Brilliant. They really look like they could be an alien race. Never thought to use a gyroid like that...

I have yet to nab a single villager photo. Guess I'm not whoring hard enough.

Zaphod65 said...

Ha! When I taught Lily to say "stud," I should've realized that would carry over to a new town. My little Sparro "*Unzips pants*" in greeting, which leads to fun innuendo. said...

Thanks, Justin :) So glad to hear someone enjoys them!

Also, yeah, using the brewstoids is a good/fun idea, isn't it? I've made use of them in Aino's house, too--they staff the secret coffee shop located in her basement.

I'll share photos of that room and the rest of her home in the next installment, I think.

Sorry you haven't received any villager pics so far, by the way. The key, I think, is to just keep buttering them up. Keep at it! said...

Oh, I love that, Terry! Can't wait to talk to him next time I visit Dunwich :)

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

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Monster_Hunter2882 said...

Just to be 100% sure, its OK that I posted that fossil list right. If it's not I'll delete it.

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

Can I barrow that greeting. It sound like it can be very amusing. said...

I agree, Sam :) And I can't imagine Terry would mind if you stole his idea--although I guess I should let him respond himself... said...

Nope, I'm fine with the comment/post, Sam. Hopefully some folks take you up on your offer!

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

Hey Terry do u really want that extra After-Noon Tea Set DLC that I promised you because someone else asked me for it and it can not be bought from the catalog. If u do I guess I could start a 3rd character that I was planning as I wanted to make a hospital for my town.

Zaphod65 said...

You can give the tea set to the other person. You've given me plenty of goodies. I'm not that greedy. lol

And feel free to steal the greeting. I lifted it from a pic I saw on Tumblr, so I can't claim ownership. said...

Sorry to stick my nose in here, but I think it's cute how much you two are helping each other out :)

Zaphod65 said...

I'm always saying Sam is my ACNL sugar daddy. lol

superphillip32 said...

It's so much fun being the mayor and customizing the town to your every whim. I just wish getting requests for new public works projects happened a bit faster and was made easier. said...

Ha! :) said...

I agree, Phillip. I seem to get about one request every week or two at the moment, which kind of sucks. Granted, there's little I want to change about my town at the moment, so I don't really need the requests, but I'd like for the options to be there when I *do* want to make some changes.

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

I also agree. I also wish residents who want to move away would ask to move the first time they talk to you on the day they start to consider it instead of hoping they have them approach you in the surprised state. I liked it better how in the past games how you could keep them from moving when they were packing. I guess they didn't do that since visitors can ask them to move to their towns when they pack in this one. Maybe in the next one they'll insert a way to "lock" villagers in your town. said...

Although I'd welcome an option to "lock" villagers to your town, I'd also like it if the developers/programmers just made the "moving algorithm" (or whatever it is) a little less weird. I mean, why is it that the villager I completely ignore never mentions he/she is thinking of moving away, yet my favorite villagers (whom I talk with all the time, send gifts to them, etc.) mention it every other week? It doesn't make any sense.

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

I've been having that same issue as of late. I've even started being mean to the resident I want to move by hitting him with a bug net but he still doesn't seem to figure out why and I don't like being mean to my resident even if I want them to move. Also some people have told me that resident moving out is completely random and that ignoring them or being mean to get them to move is just a superstition. Not sure if that's true but if it is I wouldn't be surprised. I also wish that you could chose were to build their houses (I mean come on we can be the mayor now).

Also I know it's too early to talk about the inevitable Wii U title but I hope since the Wii U has user accounts that each account can have their own town so that the mayoral powers can be expanded on. An example of this would be choosing which events are celebrated and how instead of being based off of the region your in or where you imported the game from. I could go on about what see in the next one but I'm going to stop. said...

I've heard the same thing, Sam--that villagers moving out is random and hitting them, ignoring them, etc. doesn't matter.

I'm OK with that for the most part, although I really wish Nintendo had made it so the villagers you talk to a lot, or send stuff to, or do chores for would want to move out less. That shouldn't be difficult to do from a programming standpoint, and it would help "lock" villagers into place, so to speak--as the ones you like the best would be less likely to want to leave.

As for the inevitable Wii U iteration: it's going to be interesting to see what we get from that, isn't it? I really hope Nintendo introduces even more new elements into that version, although I haven't thought much about what I'd like those elements to be.

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

I make sure to talk to my residents everyday usually 4-5 times per resident and if someones going to move I'll be told a rumor about which one wants to move at least once and if it's one I want to stay and they don't go into the surprised state I'll force them into it by doing the swimming thing and then use the megaphone to find them easily and decrease the odds of me bumping in to someone else. If it's one I want to move I'll just ignore them entirely.

I think the reason I'm thinking about the next AC game so soon is because City Folk made me worry about the future of the series while New Leaf showed me there's still hope and interesting things that can be done with the series. said...

I'm kind of a freak in that I enjoyed City Folk, but even then I understand what you're getting at, Sam.

Assuming Nintendo makes an Animal Crossing game for Wii U, it'll be interesting to see what they decide to do with it. Will it be a better looking New Leaf with a few small changes (a la City Folk) or will they make some significant additions this time around?

I'm hoping it's the latter, of course, and that Nintendo makes even more use of online connectivity this time around -- using Miiverse, perhaps?

Anyway, I hope they can show something related to it early next year and release it late in the year -- although I realize that may be asking for a bit too much...

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

I actually enjoyed City Folk to but I was still disappointed with how samey it felt to Wild World kind of like how lot of people find the New super Mario Bros series games are kind of samey but still enjoyable (this reminds me I still need to get NSMB2). I also find that both City Folk & NSMB have bland visuals. As for feeling like a freak for enjoying City Folk I feel the same way for enjoying Skyward Sword for reasons I won't say unless you want me to.

As for the next AC I think it's given that online connectivity will be expand on and Miiverse will be used beyond just having a community message board thing every Wii U game gets. I would be 100% sure they were going to reuse the graphics from AC plaza if it wasn't for the fact that Pokemon X/Y doesn't seem to be using anything from Pokedex 3D (PRO & original)(I prefer X/Y's graphics btw). I think next year is a little to soon to see the next AC get released but at the same time Wii U is in need of games that aren't Mario games. said...

Huh. I really liked City Folk's visuals, Sam. The only thing I didn't like about the game was how few villagers you could have at any one time. Of course, that's the same number as is found in New Leaf, and more than were found in Wild World, but I still miss the days of the original AC when you could have 15 villagers.

Anyway, as for the Wii U version of AC, it'll be interesting to see what Nintendo does with it. Like you say, it would seem likely they would reuse the models from the Animal Crossing Plaza, yet they didn't reuse the Pokedex 3D models in X/Y so anything seems possible at this point.

Regardless, consider me intrigued--whenever it happens to be announced and/or released...