Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In case you didn't know already: the PC Engine Shuttle had really awesome packaging

I've known that the oddly named and designed PC Engine Shuttle system was sold wrapped in some seriously awesome packaging for a while now, but for whatever reason I forgot about it until I came across one on eBay over the weekend.

Here's the packaging in question, if you've never before laid eyes on it:

The system itself looks pretty awesome, too, if you ask me:

The whole she-bang was released, along with a Batwing-esque controller, in 1989, by the way--alongside the PC Engine Core Grafx and the PC Engine Super Grafx. (They were followed, in 1991, by three more PC Engine-branded systems: the Core Grafx II, the LT and the Super CD-ROM2.)


michaelstearns said...

I've never seen this or the box that it came in and I'm totally blown away by both. Is it supposed to actually look like a space shuttle? Do the HuCards go in the "cockpit" at the front? Can you imagine the internet freakout that would happen someone released a console with fins on it today? I think it looks cool, but oh my gosh.

And the box is wonderful! I love that a console could ever have been packaged like this, I like the design a lot. But (as is always my question) what were they thinking, exactly? Surely any parent would have looked at this in 1989 and only been reminded of all the things they would rather their child be doing than playing video games! said...

This is the first time you've encountered the Shuttle, Michael? I'm shocked!

Anyway, I'm glad I could introduce it to you :)

Sadly/strangely/interestingly, I've been aware of it since it was first announced for release. Of course, I was completely obsessed with the PC Engine as a kid...

Oh, and yes, the HuCards go in the cockpit in the front. And, yes, I think it's supposed to look like a spaceship. It is, after all, called the "Shuttle."

I agree that people likely would freak out (in a negative fashion) over such a design today, but you have to remember when this was released (the end of the 1980s) and who it was aimed at (little nerd/geek boys).

Personally, I love it, although I've never really dreamed of owning one, as I much prefer the original PCE system design (which includes the Core Grafx and Core Grafx II).

dock said...

That's the stupidest and cutest console I've ever seen! I'm a PC engine fan and had somehow never seen this before! :o

Do the cables come out from every direction, stupidly, like the Core Grafx?

michaelstearns said...

Hey Dock! :D If a PC Engine fan hasn't heard of it then I don't feel bad about missing it either!

But I certainly would have missed out on this when it was new, I don't think I'd ever even heard of the TG16 (let alone the PCE) until I started reading EGM in 1991. I always wanted to check one out but I never met anyone who owned on, at least not at the time!

kidicarus222 said...

That is, in fact, awesome. Any chance you can get a scan of the front of the box? Or is this one not yet in your possession?

michaelstearns said...

Oh, I don't feel bad! I mean, except for the part where I completely missed out on it. ;) My friend and neighbor across the street had an SNES and between that and my Genesis we had the best of both worlds. We once actually tried to convince another neighbor to buy a TG16 but I think he ended up with a Genesis as well. Alas! said...

Ha! I love that you tried to convince another neighbor to pick up the system neither of you owned.

As for me, I don't think anyone cared that I owned a TG-16. Thankfully, I owned an SNES, too, so it's not like I was a gaming pariah or anything :)