Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Introducing: Shall We Do It?

As a result of my recent "Suggestions?" post, I've decided to add a new, published-as-often-as-I-feel-like-it column to this blog's line-up.

If you can't quite tell from its title what it'll cover (and I can't really blame those of you who feel that way), here's the gist: every so often--likely every other week, but I can't promise I'll keep to that schedule--I'm going to publish a "Shall We Do It?" post that details, via blurbs of a reasonable length, my impressions of all (or at least most) of the games I'm currently playing.

I'm not entirely sure how I'll title these posts, although I have a feeling it'll be something along the lines of "Shall We Do It? (Attack of the Friday Monsters, Bravely Default demo and Zooo)."

Another possibility would be to give them headlines like, "Shall We Do It? (Week of Jan. 6, 2014)," but that seems just a bit too or sterile to me.

That said, what do all of you think (of this pair of title options, not of the general column idea)?

Oh, and in case any of you are curious, the name of this new column was inspired by the most famous line--"Yaranaika?" which translates to, "Shall we do it?"--to appear in Kuso Miso Technique, the bara manga from 1987 featuring Takakazu Abe (aka the handsome guy seen above, in my avatar here and on Twitter).


kidicarus222 said...

I think it's a good idea! And I think the series name is suggestive, so
all the more so. And I think I've once again developed a crush on your
avatar, despite all the less-than-pleasant associations I have with him.

TheGameroomBlitz said...

We shall! I'm always psyched for any game reviews you write.

Also, when I first saw this character on your front page, I thought he was a bit character from the manga series Golgo 13. I dunno, I see a resemblance, anyway.

(BTW, Kiblitzing was recently updated if you're interested. This time it's all about Heiankyo Alien, which I'd written about for no other reason than the amazingly weird ad campaign used to promote the GameBoy version.) said...

Thanks, Drew! And, yes, of course the name is suggestive--what else would you expect from me? ;)

Also, I completely understand developing a crush on my avatar. He's a sexy beast! Yes, he has some questionable interests--not that I'm judging--but he's handsome all the same (and has a nice set of pecs, from the look of things). said...

Thanks, GameroomBlitz! I totally see where you're coming from RE: Takakazu Abe looking like a character from Golgo 13. I thought the same thing myself at first.

Thanks, too, for letting me know about your blog being updated. I've long been curious about Heiankyo Alien, although I've yet to play it.

Matt S said...

Hi Bryan,

Sorry for this being way off topic - but I'd like to shoot you off an email... what's the best one to touch base with you?

Thanks - and sorry again for being off topic :-)

Chalgyr said...

Shall We Do It - seems to go rather hand-in-hand with some of your other titles like Manual Stimulation (I feel like there's a hand joke to be made there). Always look forward to seeing more of what you write, so I'm all for it.

I agree the date just feels a bit more sterile and doesn't 'mean' anything at a glance. I'd prefer to see some context with it. said...

No worries, Matt. Send your e-mail to me at bochalla (at) yahoo (dot) com. said...

Yes, it definitely fits with Manual Stimulation. Plus, it was inspired by the manga that produced my avatar, so it's a nice fit in that way, too.

Also, thanks for chiming in RE: how I should name/title these posts. At the moment, I'm definitely going with the option that eschews the date and instead focuses on the games that will be covered in that particular post.

BTW, the first will be published early next week. Yay!