Thursday, April 03, 2014

Kirby and Meta Knight 'en fleur'

I may be an odd Kirby fan (my first two Kirby experiences were with Kirby: Canvas Curse and Kirby's Epic Yarn), but I'm a Kirby fan nonetheless.

As such, I'm always down for great pieces of Kirby fan art--like the ones below, for instance.

Both were created by artist Pauli Kohberger, aka madamluna, for the soon-to-be-released Kirby’s Dream Zine.

For more on the latter, click on the link above. To see more examples of Kohberger's work, on the other hand, go to or


TheGameroomBlitz said...

I always thought (well, hoped) that Metaknight was really the lead character from the Adventures of Lolo. He's not, but at least Lolo and Lala have some presence in the Kirby series (even if Kirby is always killing them!).

Y'know, Nintendo used to make hanafuda, so this artwork is strangely appropriate. said...

Wait a second ... Lolo and Lala have a presence in the Kirby series? When and where? I didn't know that, if so.

As for your comment on Nintendo's history of making hanafuda: yes, I agree completely!

TheGameroomBlitz said...

They added an extra syllable to their names but they're TOTALLY the same characters. They appeared in the very first Kirby's Dream Land on the GameBoy and made frequent cameos in the (unfortunate) Kirby cartoon that aired on Fox. They even have a mini-game in Kirby Mass Attack that looks like a 21st century update to Adventures of Lolo... even if it's just pinball. (Hey, Hal's known for great pinball games, too!) said...

How weird. Anyway, thanks for the explanation and for the link, too!