Thursday, May 15, 2014

Paper Mario x Pokémon anyone?

I was all set to publish a post about something else entirely this morning when I came across the following video, which includes the first footage of The Band of Thieves & 1000 Pokémon, a free-to-play 3DS title that will be made available to Japanese gamers beginning on June 5 (and ending on Sept. 30).

The main reason this game's got me feeling rather chuffed at the moment is that this first footage makes it appear as though the title combines the gameplay of my least favorite StreetPass title, Warrior’s Way, with the adorable characters of the Pokémon universe and the aesthetics of the Paper Mario series.

Sadly, I'm not sure how enjoyable it will be for Westerners to play The Band of Thieves & 1000 Pokémon should it leave Japan (and there's certainly no guarantee it will--especially since I don't believe the movie this game is tied to has been announced for European or North American release) as the only way to increase the size and strength of your party is to StreetPass with other people who are currently playing it.

Oh, well, I'm going to download the game as soon as it hits the Japanese eShop anyway, if only to see, in person, as many of the cute little Paper Pokémon characters as possible.

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Sarah said...

I think it looks great -- if you need more streetpassing, why don't you set up a homepass relay in your house? We did that and tbh I wouldn't have even gotten the streetpass plaza games otherwise. Even using it very passively (I pick up a full plaza of 10 once a day) most days makes all that stuff fun (and got me my gold streetpassing badge from Phineas!!)

btw, first time commenter but I've following for a while, love the blog!! said...

Hey there, Sarah! Thanks for the comment--and thanks for finally breaking that "lurker" barrier :)

As for why I haven't yet set up a homepass relay: to be honest, I know so little about it that I haven't really thought about it until now. Is it easy enough to set up? If so, maybe I'll do it soon.

Regardless, thank you for making me think about it. And thanks again for the comment--don't be a stranger!

Zaphod65 said...

It looks interesting. I haven't downloaded Warrior's Way -- I figured I'd save it for after I exhaust Flower Town and Monster Manor -- but I'm always happy to have more Pokemon. said...

Warrior's Way isn't bad, by any means, Terry, but I basically hit a wall with it some time ago due to the fact that I don't get too many StreetPasses these days. If you get plenty, though, you should find it kind of fun, or at least interesting, IMO.

Sarah said...

It is super-easy! (Well it can be - it can also be pretty involved.) If you look at the main guide on Reddit (if I can post a link here it's at: )

I tried a few things but ended up going with the Sanoxy repeater option, super-simple and cheap. Follow the guide at that link, then connect your 3DS wifi through the new LAN. I usually don't bother changing the MAC tbh, I leave it set to one of the 10 main ones. You'll streetpass every 8 hours, and I don't pick up that often so it works for me. But it's easy enough to trigger a new set of streetpasses if you're in the mood.

Note that any game that has DLC will now think it's connecting to a Nintendo Zone, so if there's a normal DLC (like in Animal Crossing) you'll need to switch to your normal home wifi to pick it up. Actually I don't know if that applies to any other games, but I've never seen anyone mention it so I thought I would.

It's definitely worth it, I think. And you will pass a lot of players from Japan so you'll get passes for those games as well as NA games. said...

Thanks, Sarah! I'll look into it further at the end of the week when I have more time. That said, the little bit of looking into it that I did this weekend makes me think it may be a bit more of a hassle than I'm willing to put up with. Still, I appreciate you mentioning it and sharing your thoughts (and a link) on it!