Monday, July 28, 2014

The Gay Gamer x the Go For Rainbow podcast

In case you weren't already made aware via my Twitter account, the three-person crew--Laurie Banks, Jagger Gravning and Dutch Mogul--of the Go For Rainbow podcast invited me to join them for an episode a couple of weekends ago.

The resulting 'cast is now available for your listening pleasure, should you be the sort who enjoys such things.

One little nugget of information that may help sway a few of you in favor of listening to it is that it's less than an hour in length.

As for what the four of us chat about during our 58-minute tête-à-tête: for the first quarter we talk about my blog--what prompted me to start it back in 2007, what kinds of systems and games I've tended to blather on about in the ensuing seven-and-a-half years, that kind of thing.

After that, we dish on some of the games we're currently playing (or were playing at the time the recording was completed) before we move on to a rather lively discussion about difficulty in games.

Sound like a fun way to spend a smidge of your free time? If so, head over to at your earliest convenience and give it a listen.


Kaze said...

Very cool! I'll give it a listen! Downloading now! ^^ said...

Awesome! Hope you enjoy it, Kaze :)

Justin Difazzio said...

Sweet! Downloaded. said...

Great! I hope you enjoy it, too, Justin :)