Thursday, March 05, 2015

A couple of Katamari Damacy + Solitiba doodles for anyone who cares

So, I recently started doodling again.

Not that I ever meant to stop, mind you--or not that I made some sort of specific pact with myself to stop, at least.

In fact, I can't remember when my "doodling" trailed off, although I'm pretty sure it was more than a year ago.

As for why this happened, I can only guess at this point, but I have a feeling I simply ran out of ideas. 

My brain recently became flooded with ideas, though, thanks to a project I'm working on for the technical writing certificate program I'm taking through the Seattle branch of the University of Washington. 

Specifically, I'm working on a "quick-reference guide" for the weird Game Freak-developed and -published 3DS (and iOS) title that has gotten so much attention here in the last six months or so, Solitiba

Although the focus of this document is its text--which is supposed to help people understand and remember the nuances of the various "phases" associated with Solitiba's racing segments--I want to make it visually appealing, too, so I decided a couple of weekends ago to whip up a few drawings that could be snuggled within all of the letters and punctuation.

My first creation wasn't a total success. (Check it out here, if you're feeling adventurous.) Later efforts were a lot better, though, if I do say so myself.

I don't know if I'd say this is an example of the latter, but I also wouldn't call it a complete turd. Granted, it was a quick-and-dirty sketch produced as a sort of placeholder image for my guide's cover. (In the end, I decided to go with something else.)

I like the doodle, above, a lot more. Of course, what's not to like about a cute little horse with a sparkly mane and stubby legs that's attempting (not very successfully, mind you) to play solitaire?

This drawing, on the other hand, is supposed to depict a similarly stylized undulate teetering atop a house of cards (or, "Horse of Cards," which is the name I gave to this image when I published it on deviantart a couple of days ago).

Had enough of my Solitiba-inspired illustrations (if they can even be called that)? How about a Katamari Damacy-inspired illustration? I concocted it after one of my new colleagues wore a Katamari-branded t-shirt to work last Friday.

I have a feeling Katamari Damacy's denizens usually don't alter their antennae like this one has, but what can you do?

Anyway, if you like any or all of the doodles shared here, you may want to head over to my deviantart gallery and take a gander the handful of others I've generated in the last few years.

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Justin Difazzio said...

That Katamari Prince is hardcore, severing his antennae dot and squishing it into a flower! Body modification!

I love your doodles. Even the farting dogs. :-P That horse playing solitaire is the cutest thing. His little stubby legs!!! said...

Ha ha! Yes, Justin, that Katamari Prince is one crazy dude! (Actually, when I conceived this doodle, I imagined the character that serves as its focus was a random, female Katamari citizen--although I'm guessing you knew that.)

Also, thanks for the nice words about my concoctions. It's nice to know someone beside me is getting a bit of enjoyment out of them.

I'm just glad I eventually figured out that one of the main reasons my first Solitiba drawing looked like a cow-dino-dog-pig-thing was that it was missing its mane and also a proper tail. Once I added those details to later efforts, they started looking a lot better ^^

TheGameroomBlitz said...

These are charming little sketches. I would have suggested having the horse balance precariously on the house of cards with one hoof... maybe something to keep in mind for later.

madamluna said...

These are absolutely lovely! I like your doodling style a lot :^) I can't wait to see more of your Solitiba guide! said...

Ah, I like that idea, Jess! I'll give it a try this weekend--although, to be honest, I'm not sure I have the chops (as you certainly do) to pull it off. That said, in my defense, the cards in that particular sketch were added as an afterthought :) said...

Thank you, Luna! I'm definitely planning to share some sort of Solitiba guide here soon, although it may not be this particular one.