Thursday, March 26, 2015

Manual Stimulation: Awatama (DS)

There's been a whole lot of Awatama chatter around these parts over the last couple of weeks, hasn't there?

First, I published a post about this Japanese DS title's beautiful packaging (seriously, check it out if you haven't done so already), and then, just yesterday, I showcased the game, which is known as Soul Bubbles in other regions, in the latest entry of my still-chugging-along "A Decade of DS" (or #ADecadeofDS) series.

As such, I thought it would be fitting to devote a "Manual Stimulation" post to it as well--despite the fact that Awatama's instruction manual isn't quite as thrilling as its box art or gameplay.

That's not to say this booklet is a complete dud, of course. One look at its front and back covers is all you should need to be convinced of that. (Click on any of these scans if you want to take a closer, and much better, look at them, by the way.)

The art that appears on the right-hand page above is similarly wonderful, if you ask me. Hell, it may be even prettier than the art that's used on the manual's covers.

The next few pages aren't as exciting, I'm sad to say, although the rather tiny illustration on the left-hand page above, which shows Awatama's protagonist snoozing, nearly makes up for it.

One detail that I really like about this instruction manual is how the edges of its pages progress from one color to another in a rather subtly appealing manner.

Unfortunately, the blink-and-you'll-miss-it illustration seen in the scan above is one of the last to be found in this particular pamphlet.

Oh, well, at least things wrap up with a relative bang. (See adorable drawing below.)

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