Wednesday, July 01, 2015

'Beautiful' isn't adequate when attempting to describe this brand-new Ray Gigant (Vita) trailer

You've really got to hand it to the folks at Experience, who were responsible for developing the impressive (and oddly titled) Ray Gigant for Bandai Namco; without a whole lot of fanfare, they went out and made a game that both looks and sounds as stunning as any released for the Vita so far.

Don't believe me? Check out the latest trailer for this soon-to-be-released dungeon-crawling RPG, which can be viewed below.

For all sorts of reasons, I can't get enough of Ray Gigant's battle scenes, in particular. I guess some people may think they look a bit "cheap" thanks to the stilted animations, but I even find that aspect of this Vita title appealing.

My favorite of Ray Gigant's many intriguing traits at the moment, though, is the rhythm-game element that pops up when players go to use special attacks. (You can see it in action at the 1:40 mark.)

Does all of this mean I'll be nabbing a copy as soon as the game hits Japanese store shelves on July 30? No, but I may well buy one later on down the road--especially if Bandai Namco fails to bring it to North America. (If you'd like to pre-order one, though, you can do so now via

In the meantime, drooling over the video footage above will have to suffice.


Justin Difazzio said...

That whole segment toward the beginning where you get to see what I presume is a boss monster from 3 different distances, I'm curious if you can split up and fight from different ranges. It looks like an interesting idea I've never seen done before. And the animation is all kinds of awesome. As are the battle scenes. Not sure what people are complaining about.

The map seemed kind of ugly in first person view, I'll give detractors that. But...the rest of it seemed completely awesome. And that rhythm transformation thing...I'm a sucker for rhythm bits in my rpgs. said...

Hey there, Justin! Yeah, I think this game looks pretty amazing all the way around, although I agree with you that the first-person portions are the least attractive/interesting aspects of it.

As for your question about the boss fights, sadly, I have no idea. I’d love it if what you envisioned were the case, though!

KevinORay said...