Thursday, July 30, 2015

I'd totally get these Dragon Quest VIII-themed 'PC' and 'TPU' covers if I owned a New 3DS XL

Thankfully for my bank account, I don't currently own a New 3DS XL or LL. And even if I did own one, it probably wouldn't be an all-white model, which is what it would have to be for the colorful "TPU" cover showcased below to stand out as it should.

Speaking of which, I don't suppose any of you know what "TPU" stands for, do you?

Regardless, if you'd like to pre-order one of these beauties, you can do so at you've got $24.99 to blow.

As for the Dragon Quest VIII-themed "PC" cover alluded to in the headline above, here's how it looks when applied to a blue New 3DS XL or LL.

It also looks pretty cool when it's not attached to either of Nintendo's big-screened New 3DS models, as can be seen in the image below.

These "PC" covers (again, whatever "PC means) can be pre-ordered via, by the way, for the super-low price of 1,260 Yen (about $10).

Or, if you're more of a kind of person, you can buy one on that site for $13.99.

Just be aware that neither cover will reach your doorstep until late August at the earliest--which, curiously enough, is right around when the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII will be released.

(Via NintendoTweet)

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