Friday, January 22, 2016

Feast your eyes on the first gameplay footage of htoL#NiQ's soon-to-be-released spiritual sequel, Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight

Is it weird to be excited about the sequel to a game you've never played?

If it is, I'm not embarrassed. The sequel in question--Roze to Tasogare no Kojou, which translates to something like Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight--looks amazing, and that's enough for me at the moment.

Plus, it's quite possible this soon-to-be-released Vita game will be less aggravating than its predecessor, htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary, seems to be.

Speaking of which, I finally bought a copy of the Asian version of htoL#NiQ a couple of weeks ago, and it should be in my grubby little hands by the end of this weekend.

While we wait for that to happen, and while we wait for me to play it and then pass along my (hopefully not completely exasperated) impressions, let's check out the first footage of Rose and the Old Castle of TwilightIt certainly reminds of htol#NiQ, doesn't it?

The question is: will the gameplay be more enjoyable than that of The Firefly Diary? I have a feeling it will be, but there's no way to know for sure until April 28, which is when Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight hits store shelves in Japan.

Do any of you have designs on picking up this Vita title? Let me know why that is in the comments section that follows.

Pre-order: the regular (Japanese) edition of Roze to Tasogare no Kojou or the premium box edition

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