Sunday, February 14, 2016

Here's your first look at Witch & Hero II (3DS)

This post is for the three other people in the world who, like me, are eagerly awaiting the release of Flyhigh Works' Witch & Hero II.

That day is approaching more quickly than you may think if you own a Japanese 3DS, by the way, as this sequel to 2013's original Witch & Hero will hit that country's eShop this coming Tuesday (Feb. 17).

And what if you don't own a Japanese 3DS? According to the folks at publisher Circle Entertainment, it'll be added to the North American eShop (and hopefully other Western eShops) sometime after mid-March.

In the meantime, take a gander the game's first trailer:

I can't tell if what's shown in it suggests Witch & Hero II will introduce some new gameplay elements or if it's just going to offer up more of the same.

To be honest, I'm fine with either option, as long as the final product proves to be as enjoyable as FK Digital's first effort.

How many of you--if any--also are chomping at the bit to buy and play this digital tower-defense title?

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