Tuesday, October 18, 2016

No joke: this 48-second video of The Alliance Alive's protagonists racing across its overworld has sold me on the game

OK, so I actually was sold on this upcoming Japanese 3DS game as soon as folks started suggesting it could be a sequel or spiritual successor to 2015's The Legend of Legacy.

After all, I really enjoyed the 40 or so hours I spent with The Legend of Legacy last year--despite the fact that it has its share of flaws.

Another reason I'm feeling pretty excited about The Alliance Alive is it seems to maintain The Legend of Legacy's tiny-footed character models.

Now, no one who knows me would call me a foot fetishist (not that there's anything wrong with being one), but I've been a fan of this art-style choice since Square Enix unveiled it alongside the Final Fantasy III DS remake it released in 2006. (The company and its designers then perfected it with Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light and Bravely Default, of course.)

Also, it's pretty thrilling to see that The Alliance Alive replaces The Legend of Legacy's two-dimensional (well, except for the pop-up elements) backdrops with fully polygonal ones.

Now we just need to find out how The Alliance Alive's battles will play out. I'd obviously prefer turn-based fights à la The Legend of Legacy or its main source of inspiration, Square's SaGa series, but I'm open to anything as long as the alternative doesn't look boring.

Speaking of SaGa, publisher FuRyu will send me over the moon if it announces that, like The Legend of Legacy, some of people responsible for that long-running and much-loved series are working on The Alliance Alive. Even if that's not the case, though, I'll still likely buy a copy of this title, which is set to hit physical and digital store shelves in Japan sometime next spring.

Update: FuRyu uploaded a second trailer for The Alliance Alive this morning, and it features actual gameplay footage. Nearly four minutes of it, in fact. Anyway, I'm even more excited for its release than I was when this post was first published.

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