Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Proof that miracles do happen: I finished the Dragon Quest VII 3DS remake yesterday

Anyone who has played through either the PlayStation or the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VII knows it's a long game. A really long game. In fact, it isn't unusual for people playing either iteration of this JRPG to put more than 100 hours into it before they encounter its credit roll.

My particular playthrough ended at the 95-hour mark. Based on what I've read about Dragon Quest VII's 3DS remake, it sounds like I could put another five to 10 hours into it if I had the desire. I don't, so this is likely is where the game and I part ways. (If I change my mind, I'll mention it here or on Twitter.)

Still, I'm glad I bought and played it. And I'm glad I kept at it until Orgodemir (that's the name of Dragon Quest VII's main baddie) was dead and buried.

I had a surprisingly good time with the last few hours of my Dragon Quest VII journey, by the way (a stark contrast to the early part of my playthrough), and I found the aforementioned last battle to be the perfectly challenging cherry on top of this polygonal sundae of a game.

I can't say I was entirely pleased when it dawned on me that Dragon Quest VII's ending wasn't going to be a straightforward affair. All I wanted was a few congratulatory scenes and a credit roll. Instead, I had to take my party members on a "victory tour" that lasted at least 30 minutes.

To be fair, I would've been a lot more OK with that if I'd been home at the time. Instead, I was in the car (don't worry, I was a passenger) with a 3DS that desperately needed to be charged.

Thankfully, my 3DS didn't die on me, so I was able to enjoy the second half of Dragon Quest VII's finale after I returned home.

I even beat Orgodemir a second time this morning--with a slightly different party (my first attempt consisted of the hero, Aishe, Maribel and Ruff, while I swapped out Maribel for Melvin during the second)--just so I could take the photo that appears above.

With Orgodemir finally out of the way, I'm going to move on. Specifically, I'm going to move on to the 3DS games showcased in the snapshot above--Kirby: Planet Robobot and Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World.

I'm also planning to devote some quality time to Pop Cutie! for the DS--it is #FashionGameFeb, after all--as well as the Vita release of Dragon Quest Builders.

I'll share my thoughts on each of these titles in an upcoming post (probably in a "Shall We Do It?" write-up) or two, so keep your eye out for them. Also keep your eye out for my inevitable review of Dragon Quest VII.

In the meantime, feel free to share your own thoughts on the Dragon Quest VII 3DS remake in the comments section below. Or let me know which games you're playing (and hopefully enjoying) at the moment.

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