Friday, July 21, 2017

So, who else has pre-ordered a physical copy of Undertale for PC, PS4 or Vita?

Three days ago, fangamer finally opened up pre-orders for physical copies of Undertale's PC, PS4 and Vita ports.

Although the initial batch of Collector's Editions--going for $64 a pop--sold out yesterday, the site's now letting people pre-order CE copies that will ship in December. (The first run supposedly will be sent to eager buyers in late September.)

As much as I adore the Undertale Collector's Edition--which will contain a two-CD soundtrack of 100-plus songs, a booklet of sheet music, a gold-plated music-box locket, a matchbox-style box and a copy of the game--I no longer have the space for such bulky items. So, I went for the Undertale Standard Edition, which still looks pretty sweet and only set me back $25.

Have any of you pre-ordered one or more versions of Undertale's PC, PS4 or Vita ports via fangamer in recent days? If so, which did you buy?

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